JCPenney Optical: 285% Increase Conversions from PPC

Googles Been Talking About This Case Study…

“That’s kind of off the charts!”

“That’s pretty impressive!”

“So Seer did an incredible job there…”

“I wouldn’t necessarily set that expectation with your clients!”

OK, Now You’re Making Us Blush

(we’ll just let you watch it for yourself…)

Boosting Conversions & Online Exposure with Google Advertising

Goals & Results


Holistic Media Package:

  • Shifted traditional budgets to digital for its first online branding campaign
  • Provided greater search exposure on desktop and mobile
  • Tested Engagement Ads to bring its offline catalogs online
  • Ran interest-based advertising across the Google Display Network
  • Broadened reach and engagement through YouTube TrueView ads