Connect with your people.

Get custom SEO strategies that power the growth of your business by integrating data-driven insights with direct consumer feedback.

Be the solution users are searching for.

There’s a lot of audience data out there. Our team will help focus and translate that data into a human voice, so we can create custom SEO strategies that serve as a bridge between your business and the people seeking your solutions.

Local SEO

Foot traffic is the good kind of traffic.

  • Location data management strategy
  • Competitive and local market opportunity assessments

  • Localized content strategy and reputation management

  • Individual store pages and store locator optimization

International SEO

Spread the word across the world.

  • Leverage the experience we’ve gained helping clients get found in every continent (well, except Antarctica)
  • Identify international growth opportunities based on data-driven insights
  • Establish ambitious but achievable SEO goals
  • Get a unique, nuanced strategy that brings it all to life

Technical SEO

Become best friends with the search engines.

  • Comprehensive SEO audits 
  • Website redesign support
  • Content migration action planning
  • Part-time or ad-hoc technical consulting

Ecommerce SEO

Get your products in front of the right people in the right places at the right time.

  • Maximize search potential from Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, and more
  • Comprehensive strategic technical consulting
  • Content marketing strategy and scalable keyword research
  • Integrated approach with paid media

How Seer makes believers.

Move fast and fix things.
Move fast and fix things.

We’ll create maximum impact within the first 90 days while building out an effective long-term SEO strategy tailored to your unique audience and business needs over time.

We follow the data, not
We follow the data, not "best practices".

By combining your search data alongside scaled insights from our internal data warehouse, we'll develop a breakthrough SEO strategy to meet your organic content goals.

Empathy mapping.
Empathy mapping.

Understanding your audience allows us to relate to their perspective. We layer that input onto quantitative data like screen recordings, review site scraping, etc. to solve for pain points.

Insights at scale.
Insights at scale.

We’ll deliver executive visualizations highlighting actionable insights from massive amounts of complex data - as in 150K competitors, 1MM pieces of content, and 200K keywords massive.

“We could not achieve these results without the expertise provided by Seer. With their ongoing and thorough keyword research and implementation strategies, we are able to maximize the ROI on the amount of time invested to create this content. I am amazed at how quickly we are seeing increases in organic search traffic.”
VP of Digital Marketing

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