Analysis & Content Implementation Increases PoP Purchases 50%

A custom analysis and well-timed strategy delivered a 50% boost in organic purchases.
[ Overview ]

Timing is everything! We created a custom Seasonality Analysis and strategic content timeline that helped our ecommerce client see a 50% increase in organic purchases and an estimated $14,010 revenue boost over a MoM period. This proactive approach optimized for peak seasonality, making sure content maturity aligned with consumer demand during peak sales periods. In tandem with this strategy, we designed new product detail page (PDP) templates to better serve consumers with easily-scannable information to choose the right product for their needs.


Ecommerce Client

Increase in PoP Purchases
Revenue Increase

The Challenge

Even the best marketing and content strategies can miss the mark if they’re not timed correctly. Our client in the ecommerce power tools space was not getting the desired results from a strategic push for seasonal products. They tapped us for help with crafting a more proactive approach with rock solid results.

The Strategy

We kicked off with a data-backed Seasonality Analysis to pinpoint peak demand times for each product. Our Project Management (PM) team then crafted a timeline for content optimization, establishing key dates for drafting and publishing to maximize impact and hit the search engine results page (SERP) sweet spot. This strategy was complemented by custom strategy decks for each product line, prioritizing visibility for high opportunity products and business lines. 

We also redesigned product detail page (PDP) templates to make it easier for consumers to make informed purchases. New PDP templates reorganized product information in a more scannable way, including benefits, social proof and quick links to related products to increase cross sells. Redesigned PDPs were implemented on a rolling basis, prioritizing seasonality-focused pages first. 

Our account team formed a united front to keep our client laser-focused on long-term growth, veering away from more reactive initiatives that would interfere with meeting these established milestones. 

The Results

Creating and publishing content in a timely manner, while adjusting PDPs to better align with customer needs, helped set our client up for success when peak product seasonality hit. When comparing September/October to November/December performance, this strategy led to a 50% increase in organic PoP purchases and an estimated revenue increase of $14,010. These numbers accounted for both seasonality and anomalies during Cyber Week.

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