Building in public

Artificial Intelligence

We don't want to be another agency TALKING about AI, we want to show you our experiments, the ones that work, the ones that fail, the ones that might be a bit cryptic.  We feel we owe it to you not to add to noise, but to bring clarity not with a page full of big words, and acronyms, but of practical solutions, hypotheses, and thoughts.

AI is about to disrupt search & we're kinda excited to try to figure it out

Leading the way, bringing you with us

Our ethos has always been to share what we're building, bring the industry along with us on this journey, whether it was RCS, Listening to Customers talk through search results, holistic search, combining PPC & SEO data, or this phase, Generative AI.

What will we do when search engines become extinct?

Feb 2024 - Our CEO's thought - what would we do to create client value if search engines went extinct, TOMORROW.
Join us in this thought exercise.

Are your SEO KPIs ready for a world where answers are given by chat search?

Jan 2024 - None of the chat search engines give brands any data on how people are searching. We decided the time was now to develop new KPIs and metrics for our clients while the industry waits for tools & search companies to share data. Good luck with that, just steal our experimental KPIs.

Custom GPTs

On Nov 6th Open AI launched GPT store. Days later we built a Custom GPT that is the top Technical SEO tool in the GPT store.

We've studied question asking, and built this GPT to ask better strategic questions.

Use a custom GPT to classify search competitors into groups.

Analyze Earnings Reports with this custom GPT.


AI + ChatGPT Powered Internal Linking

Pointing Google's crawler to supporting pages is arduous SEO work, in July 2023 we sped it up with AI. We tested that.

Tracking Brand Mentions with ChatGPT for Sheets

If your customer is leaving Google to chat in natural language in ChatGPT, Gemini, or Perplexity, your "ranking" report won't help you there. We built one, you can copy.

Use AI on 10-K reports and align your work with company goals

We've all heard does this link building,  content, social, strategy ladder up to my company goals? Go through these 100 page documents instantly and compare your strategy, like we do (Video).

A lil' dirt under the fingernails

What makes certain answers show up in ChatGPT & Gemini?

This Feb 2024, we became obsessed with why ChatGPT 4 & Gemini chose to include B-Corp status in the query "Tell me about Seer Interactive" tune in for the results.

Our CEO (who doesn't know HTML) "builds" python code to test a hypothesis.

Did you know that Wikipedia Data is publicy available?  We can test subjects that Wikipedia ranks for and see if traffic is declining, as we believe in some spaces, people will use Generative AI to chat about a topic vs using Wikipedia. See Wil's "Bad" code.

Using natural language with our data warehouse to get answers, FAST.

This Feb 2024, we connected ChatGPT to our data warehouse and natural language a few question to the data, no filters, no custom SQL just natural questions, and boom - we got answers (we'll show ya as soon as we can).

Testing with Progressive Clients

Using AI with PPC + SEO + Email data to test Email Subject Lines

Nov 2023, we took the PAA's from Google (predictions on what Google will ask next), Paid search data, and email campaigns in the health space, and use AI to understand based on the keyword and PAA data, how well our emails are using the concerns likely to be on the patients mind, check back for results.

Using AI to make account transitions easier for clients and team members

Nov 2023, we took all the messages from basecamp for 1 client, and used ChatGPT to make it easier to onboard to a new client, and stop asking them the same questions over and over, we solved that issue for a client, we're getting permission to share.

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