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Leading with Purpose Since August 2002

Seer Interactive is proud to join a global movement of companies using business as a force for good.



Our B Corp Story

We always wanted to be more than another "Agency". Our journey to becoming a Certified B Corporation™ is a reflection of our 4 deepest values:




Uplift Others

B Corp certification isn't just a box-checking exercise; it represents a core part of who we are. It's all about our primary value: uplift others as we climb.

B Corp pushes us to think bigger and do better, ensuring that every step we take isn't just good for business, but good for our communities and the people within them.



Commit to the Truth

We're all about diving deep into the data and letting the numbers tell the story.

B Corp certification is like that too.  It's a hardcore, no-stone-unturned kind of process that really gets to the heart of what your company is all about.

Now we have a clear, data-driven picture of how we're actually impacting our communities.

This kind of transparency and accountability is right up our alley.



Challenge Your Ego

It's not just about feeling good, it's about being good.

A powerful reality check, the B Corp Certification process is a journey that demands honesty and self-reflection.

By committing to this level of scrutiny and transparency, we truly tested our commitment to uplifting others, ensuring that our actions align with our proclaimed values and pivoting where we found misalignment.



Be Better Than Yesterday

Staying on top of your game means never getting too comfortable.

That's why we appreciate that B-Corp requires re-certification every three years. 

We can't just rest on our laurels; we've got to keep pushing the envelope, embedding this commitment to do better into everything we do.

This is how we roll – always moving, always improving, never settling.


“We're just getting started.”

wil reynolds | founder, seer interactive

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Follow along as we open source our experience building our Community Impact Program.

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