Beyond the Impact: Seer Interactive's 2023 Journey of Giving Back

If you're interested in how a commitment to community and sustainability can drive real impact, then this post is for you!

We'll run through our 2023 Community Impact Report, highlighting our journey to becoming a Certified B Corp, our successful team volunteer projects, and our ongoing efforts to increase our community contributions.

We are proud to share our 2023 Community Impact Report, detailing our wins and places for growth. Join us as we delve into the insights and lessons learned from our endeavors this past year.

We had some big wins!

There’s no doubt that the biggest win of 2023 was becoming a Certified B Corp! Our certification was the culmination of 18 months of intense analysis of every aspect of our business. While we’re thrilled to be a Certified B Corp, the journey was just as important as the destination, teaching us ways that we continue to deepen our commitment to our team, our community, and the planet.

We took a gamble and it

paid off

Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to planning new volunteer opportunities.


In early summer 2023, we had an idea for a new team volunteer opportunity. What if we did a three day Habitat for Humanity build local to Philadelphia? 

  • Would team members be able to step away from their work for a full day (at least) to participate? 
  • Would people travel to Philly from other parts of the country?
  •  Are people really going to want to spend a whole day doing something less than glamorous like digging holes?

The answer was a resounding yes to all, including the digging!

Seer x Habitat

In October, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery and Delaware Counties to work on a 3 day build at their Lansdowne, PA location. 24 Seer team members participated, coming in from across the country to work shoulder to shoulder with team members they often see only on the computer screen. The event was unparalleled; allowing us to make a serious commitment to support our local Habitat affiliate but also giving our team members the opportunity to work cross divisionally with one another. This will not be the last time that you’ll find Seer team members on a Habitat site.  

We’ve Got Some Serious

Work Ahead of Us

If you’ve been following along with Seer’s Community Impact work, you might be asking, “How are you pacing toward that $15 million dollar goal?” The reality is that we’re pacing behind, having given back $1.4MM to the community.

Progress to $15mm

We've done this through volunteering, giving, pro bono work, and in kind donations. In 2023, we contributed $766, 137 back to the community. 

So what does this mean? How are we going to meet this goal?

What we’ve learned from this report, is that we’ve cracked the code on volunteering. Our team volunteered 5,122 hours in 2023, an increase of 44 hours from 2022 despite having 56 less team members. While this is an impressive metric, it’s likely we are close to the peak of volunteer hours; it’s unlikely to think that this number could double or triple.

Instead, it seems the key lies with skilled pro bono work. In 2023, our pro bono work was valued at $131,018 for just 4 non profit clients.

Pro Bono

We’ve got room to grow here. Scaling this work could easily accelerate the amount we are able to give back to the community in a year. Or even better, can we create a product to help our non profit partners level up their digital marketing work? Our Community Impact work over the last 2 years is something to be proud of, but it’s time for us to take the next step in this journey. 

Do you have a success story with your Community Impact work? Or maybe you’ve created a product to support your community? Drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you.





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Joanna Bowen
Joanna Bowen
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