Is Seer right for you?

We feel like we’ve got a lot to offer – like remote work, incredible benefits, and the most talented people we’ve ever met – but ultimately you’ll know best if we’re a good fit for you.

The values we’ll never compromise.

Uplift Others

Our heart sets us apart. We uplift our clients, community, and each other by always spearheading with kindness and collaboration.

Challenge Your Ego

We honor all perspectives and expertise. Our commitment to the greater good means we're not afraid to challenge our own ideas.

Commit to the Truth

We let the data speak no matter what. We strive to be authentic and transparent in everything we do - even when it’s hard.

Be Better than Yesterday

We never settle or accept the status quo. We strive to pioneer - bring new ideas to the table, share what we know, and push norms.

By working to uplift others, we challenge egos and open ourselves to hearing new voices and fresh perspectives. This helps us stay committed to the truth, no matter what story it tells - keeping us in a relentless pursuit of knowledge so we can be better than yesterday.

“I heard someone once describe Seer folks as being aggressively helpful - and I think that’s so true! I’ve worked at Seer for nearly 8 years, and that hasn’t changed. I know that if I ever need extra help, I have the full support of my team to back me up.”

Client Engagement Team Lead

Meet Marianna

Benefits built around you.

People > Profits
People > Profits

No one here makes less than $65K per year.
And, because our founder’s decided to reinvest all profits back into the company, we’ve got an incredible system set up for profit sharing.

Our Best Investment is You
Our Best Investment is You

For you, your partner, and/or your whole family, we'll cover a % of medical premiums & deductibles to keep you safe and healthy.

Our HQ is Where You Are
Our HQ is Where You Are

We’re a remote-first company, which means you work wherever you want and on whatever schedule works best for you and your team.

Plan for Life Beyond Work
Plan for Life Beyond Work

We match your 401K contribution up to 3% of your paycheck. Want to save more? We’ll match 50% of the following 2%.

Transparency into Company Stability
Transparency into Company Stability

You have enough to worry about - the financial health of the company you work with shouldn’t be another one of them. Every month, we share revenue, margins, and goals with the whole company for full transparency.

Unlimited PTO You Have to Use
Unlimited PTO You Have to Use

We insist that all employees take a minimum of 3 weeks of PTO per year (no, really). Once you add paid holidays on top of that, which is another 3 weeks, you’re looking at around 12% of the year to do whatever makes you you.

“Outside of my job description, I love developing Seer’s Certification Program - a beta program designed to teach young professionals the skills needed to be hired in an entry level position at digital marketing agencies.”

Marketing Manager

Meet Caloua

There's truth in numbers.


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Recommend Working at Seer

The day-to-day grind.

Learning Opps

When you learn, we learn. We’ve invested more than $37K on books, $538K on conferences, classes, etc. for our team in the last 5 years. We also offer time-off to help you take part in spreading good to your communities - collecting nearly 10K volunteer hours and donating $1MM to nonprofits and causes close to our heart.

Supportive Culture

When you grow, we grow. Your managers are heavily invested in your professional development and won’t shy away from helping you get to where you want to be. And we’re all committed to transparency, so you always know where you stand, and we’ll do absolutely everything in our power to ensure you thrive.

Happy Clients

When clients are happy, we’re happy. When we feel clients aren’t a good fit for us, we let them go – because we’d rather have happy clients and a happy team than try to force a relationship that isn’t working. The strategy has worked so far, our clients rate us 73 vs the industry average of 61 (our highest NPS survey score to date).

“The culture is challenging, fast-paced, and supportive. You’ll learn a lot, really quickly.”

Paid Media Lead

Meet Ali

We love helping marketers like you.

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