How to Thrive at Seer Interactive: A Candid Look Inside

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In this post, we'll pull back the curtain, in order to showcase the type of individuals who truly thrive at Seer. Specifically, we'll share the top 5 traits that contribute to someone's success at Seer and even provide some real-world examples from our team. 

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Embracing Proactivity: Igniting Ambition 

Best Practices: Top 5 Traits of Successful Team Members

Driving Success: High-Quality Work and Strong Relationships

Community and Innovation: Maintaining a Supportive Ecosystem 



Our Culture: The Foundation of Success at Seer Interactive

At Seer Interactive, our culture is the bedrock of our success, and we're always on the lookout for individuals who share our passion for innovation, quality, and community. 

Embracing Proactivity: Igniting Ambition 

The Seer team is comprised of nearly 200 proactive go-getters who are dissatisfied with simply maintaining the status quo and operating in a reactive manner. When it comes to our work, we consistently strive for excellence and are intrinsically motivated to help our clients meet their business goals. We pride ourselves on our agility and entrepreneurial spirit, moving quickly and efficiently in everything we do—whether it's communicating on Slack, or in the way we approach our projects and relationships.

We're an ambitious team that's comfortable regularly navigating through ambiguity, and holding ourselves to high personal performance standards while also striving to be innovative industry thought leaders. Though we’ve been around since 2002, we will always consider ourselves to be the scrappy underdogs, even when we’re having a killer year. We never take our foot off the pedal, and keep pushing to blaze our own path.


Best Practices: Top 5 Traits of Successful Team Members

  • Initiative: They take charge and action on projects, tasks or challenges. They are resourceful and take a solutions-oriented approach to their work. They'll work to identify potential solutions independently, before seeking out assistance from their teammates
      • Example: Suzye Carroll, Project Manager discovered an issue with a pricing calculator and proactively updated it, even though it wasn’t her responsibility

  • Solution-Oriented: Instead of fixating on problems, they focus on finding solutions and overcoming obstacles
      • Example: Helen Mersiowsky, Project Manager dug deeper into some process challenges, and created a proposal with multiple potential solutions for how work could be better streamlined with a new workflow and updated tools

  • Adaptability: They are flexible and adaptable. They thrive in ever-changing environments and they're able to seamlessly pivot, whenever they encounter new challenges
      • Example: Brice Praslicka, Digital Measurement Solutions Manager dove in headfirst into a never-been-done initiative, and spent extra time with a client’s senior leadership team without hesitation to not only answer questions but provide solutions and new inventive ideas

  • Anticipatory Thinking: They move and think fast. They predict potential challenges and preemptively map out back-up plans, in the event that they run into roadblocks
      • Example: Kurtis Nysmith, Paid Media Sr. Manager not only responded quickly to a client, but also created a video walkthrough + prepared additional report tabs for them before they asked. He also came prepared with weekly agendas, talk tracks, and answers to potential client questions

  • Continuous Learning: They are committed to continuous learning and self-improvement, always seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. They embrace evolution and you won't catch them saying "That's just always how we've done it at Seer
      • Example: Sandi Griffin, SEO Manager took the initiative to sign up for an AI class on her own, knowing it would be a large focus for the organization. Doing this not only upskilled herself, but also sparked internal dialogue in team chats about AI's potential 



[GOLDEN RULE] The hallmark of successful team members is their unwavering commitment to data-driven decision-making. While easier said than done, folks at Seer diligently employ a hypothesis-driven approach, utilizing data to address and solve problems effectively.

Driving Success: High-Quality Work and Strong Relationships

Alongside our pursuit of high achievement, we emphasize the importance of delivering superior quality work, ensuring that each task we undertake adds meaningful value by measuring performance metrics. We understand that the strength of our relationships—within our team, with our vendor partners, and with our clients—is a significant part of our winning formula. Our approach is high touch and data-driven, aiming to demonstrate our insights through actions vs. just words. Our 20+ year journey is one of grit, continuous improvement, automation of repetitive tasks, and pragmatic problem-solving.

Community and Innovation: Maintaining a Supportive Ecosystem 

Our passion and tenacity for our work is undeniable; yet, we're always ready to offer support when needed. We're committed to continuous learning and innovation, and we take great joy in sharing knowledge and helping others. We prioritize promoting a culture of self-actualization, honest feedback, and a shared commitment to personal and professional development. We value trust and teamwork, view mistakes as opportunities for learning and improvement, and advocate for transparency and accountability across all levels.

Seer Interactive is a place where ideas flourish, and everyone, regardless of their role, has the potential to contribute ideas that can propel our business forward. We believe in sharing knowledge, not only amongst ourselves but with the wider industry, as a key to collective success. Our entrepreneurial mindset is balanced with an appreciation for process, understanding that over-communication and meticulous measurement are vital to improvement. We're committed to giving back to our communities and fostering an environment where new skills are embraced as essential for professional growth.


Over the years, Seer has welcomed over a thousand individuals to our team, and those who have thrived with us are those who resonate with our ethos. If you're someone who is excited by the prospect of learning, growing, and contributing to a dynamic and supportive community, Seer Interactive might just be the place for you. Let's embark on this journey together, celebrating achievements and embracing challenges as we strive to be a little better today than we were yesterday.

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