Data Platform Increases Organic Conversions 34% YoY

Customer research & tailored content powered by our findings boosted organic conversions by 34% YoY.
[ Overview ]

Seer’s proprietary data and business intelligence platform, helped Adaptive Insights identify impactful longtail terms to boost search visibility. Further fueled by customer research, these findings informed a custom content strategy that propelled them to the #1 ranking for key service terms, earning a 122% surge in organic sessions and a 34% increase in organic conversions YoY.

Position for Priority Services Head Term
Increase in Organic Sessions YoY
Increase in Organic Conversions YoY

The Challenge

Adaptive Insights, a Workday Company who develops corporate performance management software, wanted to expand its reach among their CFO target audience. Even though their competitors had Page One visibility for “FP&A software,” Adaptive Insights could not be found for this and other related terms.

The Strategy

By utilizing Supernova™, Seer’s proprietary data warehouse and business intelligence software, we partnered with our client to uncover a variety of relevant long-tail terms.  Taking our Supernova™ findings to the next level, customer research enabled us to craft highly-customized content that could potentially speak to the pain points of different financial professionals, seizing upon those long-tail terms in a meaningful way.

The Results

A testament to the one-two punch of qualitative and quantitative data working together to form a winning strategy, Adaptive Insights catapulted into the #1 spot for their priority services head term. Beyond search engine results page (SERP) rankings, specifically tailored content created as a result of our customer research drove a 122% increase in organic sessions YoY and a 34% boost in organic conversions YoY.

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