The SEO Starter Guide to Google Search ConsoleChapter five

How to Remove a URL From Search Results

There are several ways to remove pages from Google’s index – changing the status to 404 and allowing the page to drop naturally or adding a noindex meta tag to your page are some solutions – but they aren’t always immediate.

Webmaster Tools features a URL Removal tool to temporarily hide a URL from search results for 90 days.

You can use the URL Removal tool to hide pages from search results while giving Google time to fully understand a new directive (like a 301-redirect, 404 status, or noindex tag). You can also use the tool to hide a page from results if you had updates you wanted to make without users arriving on the page from search.

You need to be the owner of the Search Console property to use this tool; other users will not be able to use it.

Removing a URL in Webmaster Tools

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Step 1: If using this tool to hide a URL from search during removal, make sure that your URL is 301-redirected, set to 404 status, or includes a noindex tag in the header.

Step 2: Log in to Google Search Console and navigate to Google Index > Remove URLs

Step 3: Select Temporarily hide and enter the relative path of the URL

temporarily hide url gsc

Step 4: Click Continue

Step 5: Select a Request type

  • Temporarily hide page from search results and remove from cache will clear the cached copy of the page and snippet, then hide the page from the SERPs for 90 days from Google.
  • Remove page from cache only will remove the cached copy of the page and snippet, but will not hide the page from SERPs. Google will then refresh the page and snippet.
  • Temporarily hide directory will hide the entire directory for 90 days and clear cached pages and snippets. Google will recrawl during this period and refresh the cached pages and snippets.

request type for removing url webmaster tools

Step 6: Click Submit Request

Step 7: The request can take around 24 hours to process so check back to make sure that the request went through.

Step 8: If your request was denied, select Learn More for more information on why Google may have denied the request.

Undoing a Remove URL Request in Search Console

If you need to remove the 90-day block on your page, you can navigate back to the Remove URL status page and click Reinclude. The request may take a few days to process.

About the Remove Outdated Content Tool

Google also has a Remove Outdated Content Tool – this tool is for reporting a search result that you do not own where either the result in SERPs is different from the current page or if the page no longer exists. You should not use this tool to remove pages from any sites that you own.