The SEO Starter Guide to Google Search ConsoleChapter three

Managing Search Console Users

Properties in Search Console can have a total of 100 full or restricted users. A full user has view rights, and can take some actions, while a restricted user has view rights for most data. See Permissions for Search Console Users for more information.

Adding a User to Your Property

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Step 1: Log in to Search Console, click the gear icon and select Users and Property Owners

add a new owner in gsc

Step 2: Select Add a New User

add new user in gsc

Step 3: Type the email address of the user you want to add and select the user type

user type in gsc


Permissions for Search Console Users

The below table includes the full list of permissions for different account roles to help you decide what type of access you should grant to new owners or users.

permissions for search console users

Deleting Google Search Console User

Step 1: Click the gear icon and select Users and property owners

Step 2: Select the target email under the Users and Property Owners section and click Delete

delete a delegated owner in gsc