Saving Benjamin™: Search Marketing BI Tools That Rescue Your Budget

Over $40 Million in Paid Search Budget Rescued (& Counting!)

You’re likely showing up on Google for thousands of keywords every day that are not relevant for your business, or that convert at a low rate. 

How Do We Know?

We mined 5.1 million data points across 30 businesses running paid search campaigns and found 5-20% of budgets were spent on search queries that weren’t driving an impact on their bottom-line (conversions). 

Just imagine what you could do with 5-20% of your marketing budget back… 

How Does It Happen?

With frequent changes in search algorithms and the way we search evolving daily — your Paid Search campaigns can often match your ads to search queries that don’t always make sense for your business goals

These small (but frequent) matches result in tons of unintentional clicks from users trained to click through multiple results at the top of the SERPs. 

Saving Benjamin™ Lite

❌ Oops sorry — as of April 2021, this tool has been deprecated while we work on building a better one!

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Saving Benjamin™ Pro

What Is It?

Saving Benjamin™ Pro is a Search Marketing BI tool focused on PPC efficiency and cost savings. The tool provides  a more efficient way to identify keyword themes to negate at scale, or themes to dig into for keyword and content expansions.

Saving Benjamin™ Pro was built to find those instances where you’re showing up for keywords that don’t make sense for your business, surface them to get your budget back and keep your content converting. 

The Value:

Through the development of this proprietary tool and implementation across clients, Seer has proactively identified inefficient or wasteful spend totaling a projected $40MM+ in cost savings over a 3 year period.

How To Use It:

There are two ways to access these proprietary search marketing insights from Saving Benjamin™ Pro:

  1. Become a Seer client by contacting us to get started.
  2. Sign up for shorter term Search Marketing Business Intelligence sprint projects here.

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