SEOmoz Meetup: Round Up

The Search Church's first SEOmoz event was a huge success!  Thanks to everyone who came out, everyone who presented, and all the volunteers, caterers, and vendors who helped make it all look so easy!  We can't wait to see everyone again!

For upcoming event schedule and directions check out The Search Church's new event website.


Wil Reynolds - Rapid Fire Link Building Strategies

Annie Cushing - Web Scraping for Code-ophobes

Eppie Vojt - The SEO's Guide to Scraping Everything

Ian Howells - Using Location Data to Inform Content Creation

Rachael Gerson - KPIs for SEO: Common Pitfalls & Misconceptions

Purna Virji - Good Karma Link Building

Chris Countey - Everything You Need To Know About Google Authorship in 8 Minutes

Joanna Lord - Retargeting 2.0

Rand Fishkin - Manifesto of Content Strategy


Event pictures (Links to Facebook Photo album)

Slidedeck for all presentations (Links to PPT on

MP3 Audio download of the SEOmoz Meetup (Links to download)



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