SEOmoz Meetup: Manifesto of Content Strategy

Rand Fishkin gave this talk at the SEOmoz Meetup at the Search Church on 5/10/12.  He talks the keystone of SEO: content and how many marketers believe they are making sales directly.  Instead content marketing is meant to build familiarity, build likability, and build trust. And the only way to do great content is to do it over and over again.

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Coming up tomorrow: Video round up, MP3, and all the slide decks.

About these videos:

This is the 9th of 9 presentations from the SEOmoz Meetup at the Search Church on 5/12/12.  I'll be posting each presentation in the order they were given over the next several days.  After the last presentation, I will have a link to all the slide decks and an MP3 of the entire meetup.


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