6 Ways to Elevate Client Service in Digital Marketing Through AI

At Seer, we’ve been challenging each other across all departments to educate ourselves on ways to incorporate AI into our day-to-day. We’ve found that AI can give us time back to focus on areas that can provide the most value through personalized, customized approaches to client business challenges and needs. 

While AI can sometimes be thought of as taking the “personal” aspect out of communication, we’d argue that it’s actually a tool for enablement which enhances the way we connect with, and serve, our clients. Below, we’ll cover the different ways we’ve been leveraging AI on the Client Service team:

1. Stay Ahead with Automating Industry News for Tailored Insights

Across the company, we have notifications set up across our clients to monitor industry and client business updates through various Google alerts, newsletter subscriptions and industry publications. This ensures we stay informed about the latest industry trends and updates relevant to our clients’ business as well as the digital marketing landscape overall. 

That said, given that the industry is constantly changing (even more with the increased focus on generative AI!), it can be overwhelming to stay on top of it all. That’s why we utilize AI to automatically gather trending topics, summarize, and extract key takeaways so we can more efficiently ingest this info. This allows us to spend the time we save researching, to instead focus on connecting the takeaways to what the gathered information means for our clients’ business. Specifically, we tie in what we know to be true about their priorities, current performance and strategic direction to determine if a pivot to our approach is needed to ensure we keep our clients at the forefront of their sectors.

[TIP] Example ChatGPT Prompt: "Summarize the latest [industry] news for [client's business sector] from the past week, highlighting key trends, technological advancements, and market changes. Include relevant statistics and forecast implications for [client's business name]."

2. Enhance Engagement with Presentation Content Optimization

Strategic presentations are one type of project that Client Engagement (CE) is most heavily involved in from start to finish. These types of meetings are crucial to the success of our partnerships as the effectiveness of a presentation lies in its ability to resonate with its audience. Not to mention this is typically an opportunity where  we have the most visibility with key stakeholders to provide strategic recommendations, communicate a change in direction or report on performance. 

The nature of these presentations is that there can be up to 10 different people editing and contributing to the presentation slides, which can result in a fragmented storyline. CE is responsible for not only setting the narrative of a presentation, but ensuring it’s delivered as “one Seer” as an integrated, cross-channel team.

AI's capability to analyze and optimize presentation content ensures that every slide, every piece of data, and every narrative is tailored to captivate the intended audience. This results in every key takeaway not only being heard, but felt. Using prompts like the one below allow us to gain a third party perspective on our presentations based on the desired outcome / actions from these discussions and provide direction around what gaps we have to fill for our target audience. 

[TIP] Example ChatGPT Prompt: "Review this presentation on [presentation topic] aimed at [target audience]. Suggest improvements to make the language more engaging, ensure the tone is appropriate for the audience, and the content is relevant to [specific interests of the audience]."

3. Decoding Financial Reports for Strategic Insights

For those of our clients who are publicly traded, earnings reports are often a gold mine for understanding the current state of the overall business, including their forward looking strategic vision. This insight allows us to ensure that the strategy and tactics we are employing are laddering up to the business direction. 

Oftentimes, these financial reports can be long and full of complicated industry terminology. One of our Account Directors on the CE team, Anna Crabill, recently published a blog post “Harnessing the Power of AI for Earnings Report Analysis” which dives into leveraging AI to transform the daunting task of sifting through financial reports into an opportunity to quickly identify,communicate, and action on key takeaways and insights. 

[TIP] Example ChatGPT Prompt: "Analyze the attached financial report for [client's company name] for the quarter ending [date]. Extract key performance indicators and trends."

4. Gain the Competitive Edge with AI-Powered Analysis

Understanding and staying on top of the competitive landscape is pivotal for any business strategy to remain informed on our clients’ universal value proposition (UVP) within the market. It enables us to be aware of any threats or opportunities to proactively flag and address. AI facilitates the ability to perform ongoing SWOT analyses, offering deep dives into competitors' strategies and market positioning, thus empowering our teams to come to our clients with how we can address these opportunities and threats as proactively as possible.

Recently, I partnered with Francis Shovlin, an Account Director on our team, on a blog post “Using ChatGPT to Stay on Top of Your Clients & Competitors” that offered a few detailed ways to use AI to remain informed on competitive insights from conducting full SWOT analyses to content analyses. Utilizing those analyses, client services can then work with account teams to flag any areas we were not already informed on and put together recommendations tailored to our clients to discuss the priority and impact of addressing those gaps. 

[TIP] Example ChatGPT Prompt: "Conduct a competitive analysis for [client's business sector], focusing on the top three competitors of [client's company name]."

5. Action Upon Client and Team Feedback with Real-Time Analysis

Our role on projects where Client Engagement is staffed is to be the main leadership point of contact between our account teams as well as the client. This way, when you’re working with Seer on multiple divisions, you’re not having to communicate to 10+ different people at all times. 

Part of this role includes handling feedback conversations, whether that be from the Seer team or from client teams. We actively welcome this as it's crucial for us to be aware of feedback. This way we can address it in a timely manner to ensure we’re operating as efficiently as possible on our projects to ultimately drive excellent performance. 

This is why CEs are often looked to as the team member with the most intimate knowledge of our clients’ business and our key stakeholders. What may work for one client, may not work for another so a personalized approach is crucial when handling feedback conversations. This is an area where utilizing AI for real-time analysis of client feedback can provide not only an immediate feedback loop when digesting feedback, but also offer suggestions on different ways to address the feedback, allowing for CEs to make tweaks based on specific client nuances and work with account teams to make quick adjustments and strategic shifts to meet and exceed client expectations.

[TIP] Example ChatGPT Prompt: "Analyze recent feedback and social media sentiment regarding [client's product/service]."

6. Tailor Your Communication for Maximum Impact

A huge part of excellent client service is having the ability to communicate thoughtfully, clearly and concisely whether that be in verbal or written communication, to ensure the effectiveness of our communication. All of us have probably had many instances where we’ve pored over an email for entirely too long to make sure we’re delivering polished and professional communication especially for high stakes discussions. 

Utilizing AI to review your communications and make suggestions for improvement and clarity is an excellent tool for immediate feedback, but also for discussion about tweaks to make based on your knowledge of the client relationship and the desired outcome of your communication. I’m a huge proponent of using AI for emails as well as slide deck headlines and text. I’m often guilty of being wordy when slide decks are meant to be an illustrative tool vs. a script. You can also do this for your talking points for client conversations or presentations using the audio recording feature on ChatGPT!

[TIP] Example ChatGPT Prompt: "Review the drafted message intended for [client], focusing on clarity and engagement." Additionally, if you prompt ChatGPT with enough background information on the audience or the person you’re replying to is well known, you can even ask a prompt like “If you were Steve Jobs, what would be some common objections to my ask and how would you respond to them?"”

By embracing AI and tools like ChatGPT or Gemini, those of us in client services can gain efficiencies in every day processes that allow us to use that time to add more of a personal touch to our approach, not less!



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Marianna Morris
Marianna Morris
Sr. Lead, Client Engagement