LOOK, MA! We’re Google Analytics Partners + Premium Resellers

I’m proud to announce that Seer Interactive is now a Google Analytics 360 Premium Reseller!

Can you explain what that means to someone who might not know?

Well, it means that we can now sell the enterprise version of Google Analytics, GA360, to our clients! Usually to purchase GA360, a company must go through a reseller, and we then not only sell that company the product, but we service it and support them as well.

So, someone wants to have GA360. They contact Seer, and you can sell them GA360?

That’s right! But we don’t just sell you GA360, we are an active partner to help you get the most out of it. We provide unlimited SLA support, which is a way of saying that if you have any problems logging into Google Analytics, or you are missing some data that should be there, we’ll help you, day or night, as long as it takes. We always include a batch of monthly support hours to help you and your team use the product (and all its potential integrations such as DoubleClick or BigQuery).

Or … we can use those hours to:

No matter what the scope of work, we’re committed to helping you get the most out of GA360.

Ok then why should someone talk to Seer about GA360? What makes you any different than other resellers?

Every reseller is a solid company, with solid tech skills because Google doesn’t let just anyone become an Analytics 360 reseller.

I wouldn’t presume to say that any of our competitors provide poor service, or don’t know how to do any of the technical work. It’s actually a pretty open community which shares what we learn with each other. Everyone has proprietary tools that mimic what everyone elses do, etc. I’ve worked at multiple resellers, and am friends with others, and if you want technical excellence, we’ve got it here, but so do lots of other companies.

I think what sets us apart though is …

  1. Our approach to measuring ROI from a business perspective
  2. Our holistic integrated nature as a business (Seer is about helping your users solve their problems. It’s at the core of our ASIC audience first approach), which is the center of everything we do.
  3. Whether you want us to prove our expertise in predicting user behavior, implementing a closed loop strategy, or just riddle us with technical questions … bring it on.

We’re Google Analytics Certified Partners AND Adobe Analytics Partners, we know what we’re doing and we’re here to support you and your team. Our goal at the start of every project = drive strategic growth for your business. We empower our clients by working with them side-by-side in building, cleansing, integrating, and optimizing their GA360 implementation.

We can work together to uncover who your users are, what they care about, what problems they have, and how you can provide solutions to them when they need it. We’re going to help you and your team use GA360 to understand who your most valuable customers are, your least valuable customers, your frustrated customers, or any other audience/user breakdown you have.

And yes, we will fight with you, train you, and be your partner so you can leverage this tool in the most valuable way possible. We want to know your audience, their behavior, and even to the point of using BigQuery and Data Science to help predict WHO will be a valuable customer, or WHAT will be valuable content.

What do you think are some of the best reasons to get GA360?

Investing in an Analytics partner can significantly impact the value of your website, your marketing ROI, and your digital strategy.

I think our own Paige Flanagan did a great job talking about the benefits of using GA360. But honestly, in our experience with both the free and premium tools – there are even more reasons.

Maybe your sampling is so out of control from all your traffic that you need GA360 just to make heads or tails of your unsampled data. Maybe you have a ton of DoubleClick spend, and want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. Maybe you collect a whole bunch more information about your users and content than the default pageview and really want the 200 custom dimensions that come with GA360.

Whatever the reason is for your company, Seer can help you get the most out of GA360. The best one though, might be just to quit struggling trying to access or integrate your data … 61% of marketing decision makers said they still struggle to do this as well, and another 22% said it was because they lacked the right tools. That means quite a few people said “it’s not the tools”. It might seem weird to say that, but the thing is, when you get GA360 with Seer, you get a partner who becomes a part of your team, and helps you eliminate that struggle. Quit fighting the siloes, let us help.

That sounds great, but how can I know that your team’s legit, Sayf?

It’s a great question. We’re happy to refer to you to current clients to chat with them about what it’s like to partner with our team. On top of that our Net Promoter Score most recently taken was a 63. The digital marketing industry average is a 22. Verizon (for context, of course) is at a 10.

Our clients REALLY like the work we do.

I’ve seen a single finding in one of our monthly analysis save MORE THAN HALF A MILLION DOLLAR$ in client losses over the following year, and another 2.5 MILLION DOLLAR$ (that was never even lost … because our monitoring programs caught data problems before they became problems for our client). If that’s still not enough, we have case studies that prove how we help our clients drive value.

So if someone likes what they’re hearing, what are their next steps?

Get in touch with the Seer Analytics team, we’ll chat on how we can support your 2018 business and marketing goals.