Where People & Data Intersect.

Big Data Accessible to All

We leverage big data to save time, break silos, identify waste, and unlock hidden ROI.

For a handful of clients last month, we identified $159K in wasted ad spend using a tool we built in-house leveraging integrated SERP data.

And yeah, we do get paid on a percentage of client’s spend. So telling clients to put less money into search engines hits our wallet. But we’re not here to pinch pennies – we’re here to create long lasting partnerships by pushing your digital marketing to the next level.

Out-Care Competitors: Audience Research

We believe that, in order to win for our clients, we have to win for their customers. By learning about the searchers behind the queries, we’re able to understand their motivations, frustrations, and pain points.

Our ideal partnership allows us to mine chat logs at scale, conduct interviews, and / or manage surveys as just a few ways to earn that valuable customer data to fuel our SEO, PPC, CRO, & Creative strategies.

 After interviewing 12 customers for a software client, we recently turned those talks into a strategy that increased conversion rate 31% and organic traffic 103%.

We Play Well With Others

We believe the best way to get teams to work together is by using their data. Combining their data into one place forces conversations to happen and often reveals insights that aren’t available in siloed data.

We’ll use our insights to help not only our work-stream succeed, but also any internal and other agency teams you have – after all, we’re all working towards the same goal: your bottom line.

We’re also committed to learning as much as we can about digital marketing and sharing that with our community. Seer Labs is a place where we innovate, make mistakes, grow, play, and learn.