Types of Twitter Ads & How to Use Them

We know how much you loved Emily Pollock’s Types of LinkedIn Ads, so we’re back with the latest and greatest: Types of Twitter Ads. Twitter is home to over 330 million active users, with more than 100 million daily users, meaning it’s a great platform to leverage for your digital marketing efforts with an audience this large.

Read this post to help you figure out if Twitter Ads are right for your marketing goals.

Twitter Targeting Options

On Twitter, you can target based on keywords, events, interests, topics, follower lookalikes, user handles, movies and TV shows. You can also retarget users that saw specific tweets you’ve sent out, as well as people who have engaged with your tweets.

With remarketing, you can get even more specific outside of just those who have seen all your tweets or engaged with all your tweets, which allows you to get hyper-targeted. These options are to re-engage users that have interacted with your organic tweets, tweets from specific ad campaigns, or a mix of both efforts.

If you’re still reading, this means this platform might just be a fit based on the criteria available (would recommend you pop into the platform to understand the actual segments that are available outside of the categories).

Twitter Campaign Objectives

There are many objectives you can choose from on Twitter to reach your goals, and to identify if Twitter Ads is right for you and/or your client. The objectives are outlined below:

  • Reach
  • In-Stream Video Views
  • Video Views
  • App Installs
  • Website Clicks
  • Engagements
  • Followers
  • App Re-Engagements

Each of these objectives falls under specific phases in the conversion funnel as well, which you can see below:

pasted image 0 56

Once you have an idea of the targeted approach you’re going to take, and the objective to get you to your goal, you now have to decide what type of ad type will get you to your goal.

Twitter Ad Formats

Promoted Video

Promoted Videos will allow you to show a video of your choice on Twitter, targeted to an audience of your choice. Promoted videos are great for brand awareness and consideration. We’d recommend keeping these videos 15 seconds or less to keep users engaged until the end (remembering that Twitter is the platform people turn to for quick information, and are 31% more likely to recall what they saw on Twitter than another platform).

Promoted Videos are billed on a CPV, CPE and CPM model depending on your execution.

If you’re running TV spots, align your Twitter video messaging to what is currently running on television. This will ensure your message is consistent across channels, improving engagement.

Promoted Video will come in few different ways:

  • Promoted Video
    • A video accompanied with 280 characters of copy, found within a user's timeline.

pasted image 0 62

  • In-Stream Video Ad
    • Videos that run within content that is already being consumed by the user, accompanied with 280 characters of copy.

pasted image 0 64

  • In-Stream Video Sponsorship
    • An exclusive Twitter sponsorship where you buy the media direct, accompanied by a 6 second video.

pasted image 0 55

  • First View
    • A Twitter ad package that allows for mass branding for 24 hours. This will be a flat fee model and you need to work with a Twitter representative to get this buy set up and run.

pasted image 0 61

  • Promoted Live Video
    • Broadcast a live moment to the Twitter world. This is a costly option, at a $500k minimum. However, if you have the budget, it can help amplify a product release and/or service.

pasted image 0 59

Website Card

Website cards are great for generating traffic to your website, app or chatbot, and aligns to the consideration objective noted above. Website cards are billed based on a CPC, CPE or CPM model. Website cards can also house videos, which would then be billed based on a CPV model.

Website cards come in a variety of forms:

  • Website Card
    • Drive traffic to your website or take action, which is accompanied by an image (or video) and 280 characters of copy.

pasted image 0 54

  • Conversation Card
    • Users can engage and create conversation with your Tweet to their followers. This is accompanied by 280 characters of copy and is recommended to include a hashtag to join the conversation you wish to expose your brand to.

pasted image 0 52

  • Direct Message Card
    • This option is best for promoting your chatbots for easier access to your customer service. This is accompanied by 256 characters of copy and 24 characters for your CTA.

pasted image 0 50

  • Tweet to Unlock
    • This is another option that is similar to the conversation card where users will prompt users to Tweet your hashtag and/or brand to their followers.

pasted image 0 65

  • App Card
    • Find new users, or re-engage users to your app in the app store. You can use either an image or video to promote within this option. This card is accompanied by 280 characters of copy.

pasted image 0 58

Promoted Tweet

Promoted Tweets are great for entering in the conversation on Twitter. If there’s a hashtag that you want to show up for, create a tweet and include that hashtag to join the conversation. You can also promote an image, account, poll or custom GIF. Depending on the format chosen, billing will be based on CPM, CPE, CPV for Video Polls or CPF (cost per follow) model.

Promoted Tweets come in a variety of forms:

  • Promoted Text
    • This option is a great way to join the conversation by promoting just text. It’s recommended to include a hashtag for max visibility. If you’d like to use a link in the tweet, make sure to shorten the link, as the entire link takes up characters (up to 280 characters). This option is not accompanied with an image or video.

pasted image 0 57

  • Promoted Image
    • Promoted Images are similar to the tweet mentioned above, but with an image included.

pasted image 0 51

  • Promoted Account
    • Is your goal to increase your social following? Then this is the card for you. Target users that are not already following your account to increase your follower count. We recommend using similar audiences to your current followers. Create engaging first-touch content that would make users want to follow you with one simple click on your “follow” button.

pasted image 0 49

  • Promoted Poll
    • Interactive polls on your tweets which can either be a tweet alone, with an image or with a video. Make these polls helpful for your brand, but also engaging for your target users. If you can try and make the poll relevant, even better!

pasted image 0 60

  • Promoted GIF
    • This will have the same character limits as a promoted image, but you’d embed a GIF (similar to a video implementation) as the image.

pasted image 0 53

Branded Assets

Branded assets are as follows:

  • Branded Emojis
    • These are custom made emojis for your brand that are triggered whenever a specific hashtag is used.

pasted image 0 47

  • Promoted Moments
    • This is the avenue you can take if you wanted to tell a story beyond just the 280 characters of text. It will be a collection of tweets that is displayed in a canvas like experience, which makes your tweet a bit more engaging for the user.

  • Brand Reminders
    • This is similar to an opt in to receive more information from a company via your cell phone, but directly from an ad in Twitter. If the user likes your CTA, they will be opted in to receive more information about your business.
      • If you’re planning on launching a new product or service, this might be a good option for you if you’re planning on announcing a pre-sale or deal before the actual launch date.

pasted image 0 66

  • Promoted Trends
    • Promoted trends will populate pretty high in your feed on Twitter. Your brand can own a “trend” for 24 hours, to maximize exposure for your brand. These are a flat fee, and can be purchased through a Twitter rep.

pasted image 0 48

  • Promoted Trend Spotlight
    • These are found in the explore tab, and utilize a video format. It’s basically a takeover unit at the top (similar to a YouTube takeover) but for the social app. Similar to Promoted Trends, these are a flat fee and can be set up with your Twitter rep.

pasted image 0 63

Overall, leveraging Twitter Ads is advantageous for any business wanting to join the conversation within their industry and stay top of mind for potential customers.

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