Universal Analytics: The Benefits and How to Upgrade

Whether or not you’re an analytics nerd, you’ve probably heard that Google Analytics has released a new shiny version of GA called Universal Analytics. This new version not only gives you more customized control of your analytics settings but offers the possibility to collect data on your visitors across many devices, among other things. Upon hearing […]

PPC Account Audit Guide

Q1 of each year is typically a busy time for PPC account managers to perform account audits. Account audits are great because they force managers to take a step back and analyze some of the basic, fundamental details of account management which we might be overlooking on a regular basis. Here are a few items […]

6 Quick Win Strategies to Kick Off Any Link Building Campaign

Getting started with link building on a new project can be an exciting time. With all of the ways you’ve learned how to build links (or at least read about them), the metaphorical Internet world is your oyster. However, it can also be overwhelming. How do you determine priority when figuring out what link building […]

Bing & Yahoo Search Partners Can Work

There have been plenty of articles questioning the validity and quality of traffic from Bing and Yahoo’s syndicated search partners, and maybe even a few about Google’s Search Network. Well, I’m here to tell you that with all the bad also comes some good.  If you manage Bing search partners properly, you can generate good […]

Best Practices When Using Yelp for Business

We’re all guilty of it! At one point or another we’ve all had such a bad experience with a business that we want to tell everyone and their mother so the company doesn’t make another cent off of you and your friends. It’s well known that word of mouth can be damaging enough; however, in […]

Thinking Logically about Search, Social, Links and Engaging Your Audience

This post is an English translation of an interview I gave to Анастасия Матвеева (Anastasia Matveeva), Editor of The original Russian version is here. In my responses in both interviews I cover future trends in search, linkbuilding vs. social, Google penalties, budget and resource limitations, and some advice to people considering a move to SEO […]

Leveraging Superbowl XLVIII for PPC

If you are like me, you spent this past Superbowl Sunday scrolling through Twitter, following certain brands, and watching them engage with their fans (namely JCPenney drunk tweeting the game). Leveraging real-time events for marketing purposes on social networks is no new phenomenon (remember the Oreo blackout?) But what about search? I couldn’t have been the only […]

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