Creating a Corporate Blog – 10 Checkpoints for Success

True leaders recognize the value they have to offer. They listen to those around them and are consistent in their teaching. They share personal stories that others can relate to, and offer tools and information to help strengthen the community. Blogs can be leaders in the same way, should the right contributors be committed to […]

Goodbye Google+ Local, Hello Google My Business!

Anyone who has attempted to keep a pulse on Google’s local product offering has probably noticed that it’s been going through somewhat of an identity crisis over the last two or so years. Google Places  Google Places for Business  Google Plus Local  Google’s local platform has been through so many updates recently that it’s hard to keep track of what it’s […]

The Best Chrome Extensions for SEO (and Life In General)

Having grown up with the internet for most of my memorable life, I’ve seen my share of browsers come and go (and, in some cases, unfortunately not go…) But Chrome is, by far, my favorite. The best part about Chrome is its customizability. I have 13 different “users” set up on my browser (how’s that […]

Become a Storymaker: Hook, Line & Sinker Recap #1

At the Search Church this past May, we invited some content marketing experts to share the methods, strategies, and tools they use to connect content to those who need it. We’ll be providing their talks on the blog over the next few weeks, so you can all learn from their insights and experience! First up […]

Does Google Authorship Influence Visibility in Google Search?

Not long after the introduction of Google Authorship in the summer of 2011, many online marketers started to speculate as to whether the authority of an author could influence author visibility in Google Search.  These conversations grew more frequent as some users’ Google+ profiles started to amass authority, and as a result, started to become […]

Improving Retention With Facebook Custom Audiences

A SEER client was recently interested in trying to increase retention within their inactive member base.  With that in mind, we put together a string of recommendations which including re-engaging those members through Facebook Custom Audiences. What are Custom Audiences? If you’re not familiar with Facebook Custom Audiences, they’re a great self-service way to create […]

Content Strategy: More Than Just a Line Item

When I started working in digital marketing, back in early 2006, I worked in the SEO department of a full-service agency. Back then, very few people understood what SEO actually was, and therefore, many of our clients considered SEO a separate piece of our full-service offering, a line item on their invoice. We spent a […]