Wasteful Wednesday with Wil Reynolds #8 – Keyword of the Week “Reopening the Economy”

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Howdy friends! Wil Reynolds here for another Wasteful Wednesday and we're going to talk about reopening the economy.

I'm a little afraid of what's happening out there, but we're talking about inefficiency in PPC, not politics today.

So reopening -- when people are looking to see when things are opening again, they're saying, "hey, I want to go to that place. When does it open?"

If you're bidding on the wrong keywords, you might be getting matched to that place, or it might even be your own brand and your paid ad is not about when you reopen.

Let me just go ahead and give you a couple of examples so you can make sure you're not making the same mistake that these folks might be.

Keyword of the Week: "Reopening the Economy"

Query: "Casino"

Ex. Parx Casino

If you're like my dad, (@dad, stop spending money at the casino), he wants to know when Parx Casino is reopening and this ad...

...when you click on it, it takes you to Parx Casino's website and it doesn't give you that information.

The best answer is actually this answer right here...

...where they tell you all about their COVID-19 opening plan.

The lesson there is be careful with that stuff please! Google doesn't need any more of your money, but I got a couple of other things to show you.

Ex. Rivers Casino

Here's another one, Rivers Casino reopening in Philadelphia.

Hey, bet online, like I get it, you want to let people know that you're open online -- but the data that I have is saying that these words might not be the best words to go after.

You also want to be careful if you're going after a competitor's name as Parx Casino.

I'm looking for when this place opens because I can walk there from my house -- I can't walk here.

My point here is be careful about those reopening keywords, if you're in the casino space, but not just the casino space, any space.

If I put an asterisk in here, you can see a whole lot of different brands that people are searching for to find out when they reopen or IF they are open.

So if you're one of those folks who bids on your brand or bids on competitor brands, again, especially at this moment in this time right now, [you want to be careful].

Especially at this time and moment right now, you also want to be careful if you're bidding on your brand for reopen keywords, that you're not landing people on the wrong page, that doesn't tell you when you're going to reopen.

You want to be careful that you're not bidding on words that doesn't tell them when you are going to reopen.

If you're targeting competitor names, be very careful about showing up for words when I want to find out when they open. If you're going to go after those keywords, don't be lazy -- at least try to write ad copy that entices them to come to your business versus the competitor's.

Watch Episode #4 "Competitor Names" to learn more about bidding on competitor brand terms.

Alright, that's my Wasteful Wednesday. Enjoy your Wednesday.

Key Takeaways

  • Use your SEO and PPC data together to identify whether or not your PPC ads are matching to low converting terms about reopening the economy.
  • Negate terms like “reopen” — especially when you’re bidding on a competitors brand name — to improve Quality Score and Landing Page Experience.

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