Wasteful Wednesday with Wil Reynolds #9 – Keyword of the Week “Conferences”

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Howdy friends, Wil Reynolds here for another Wasteful Wednesday.

Today we're going to talk about conferences and events. When someone puts the word conference or event at the end of a keyword, it usually means they were interested in a conference. So if you're going after the core keyword, and you're not negating words like conferences or events, you could be wasting a lot of money.

So let's go!

Keyword of the Week: "Conference"

Ex. Web Hosting

Query: "web hosting conference"

So you're looking at a "web hosting conference":

Come on Amazon, negate the word conference, man.

These clicks are super freaking expensive people, and you can just see ad

...after ad,

...after ad,

...after ad.

Ex. Individual Company Conference

Then you look at like individual companies' conferences.

Remember, you want to be super, super, super careful if you're targeting a competitor to make sure you're not targeting that competitor's name and showing up for their conference.

Uh, alright, so here's a couple of folks here.

Query: "cpanel conference 2020"

Something I've noticed about this phrase is a lot of nonprofit organizations might be getting Google grants and they may not be so strong at monitoring their stuff, so sometimes that happens.

Query: "CloudFest 2020"

But then you also want to be careful around conference names. Like here we go, "CloudFest 2020".

It's like, alright, Accelerate 2020 conference, you're an online learning consortium about e-learning that's very, very, very specific. Probably not something you want to be targeting and spending money on.

Query: "cloud conference 2020"

Shout out the folks at VMWorld cloud conference, 2020

...boom, Linux Foundation.

...boom, good job. But then down here,'re about the federal government, my search phrase was "cloud conference 2020", is this really relevant?

So if you're digging Wasteful Wednesday so far, remember if you go to our Saving Ben tool, you will be able to take some of the stuff we've already found and upload your keywords. And we'll be able to kick back to you an analysis.

If you've got some hypotheses that you want us to consider looking at, go ahead and [let us know in the comments below or on social!] and I'll see if I can include them in our next Wasteful Wednesday.

Key Takeaways

  • Use your SEO and PPC data together to identify whether or not your PPC ads are matching to conference and event terms.
  • Negate terms like “conference”“webinar”, etc. — especially when you’re bidding on a competitors brand name — to improve Quality Score and Landing Page Experience.
  • Keep watching Wasteful Wednesday episodes here!

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