Top 50 Seer Blog Posts of 2011

As we draw 2011 to a close I thought it would be fun to highlight Seer's top 50 blog posts for the year. Which post got the most attention? (Hint, it wasn't Wil Reynolds!) Who got retweeted the most? Who had the longest title?

Who Got the Most Landing Page Visits?

  1. Adam Melson
  2. Rachael Gerson
  3. Wil Reynolds
  4. Ethan Lyon
  5. Brett Snyder
  6. Chris Le
  7. Bonnie Schwartz
  8. Aaron Levy
  9. Morgan Talasnik
  10. David Karalis

Source: Google Analytics API Data: Total number of landing page visits across all of the author's blog posts between Jan 1st and Dec 21st.

Top Posts by Author for 2011

Who Got Retweeted The Most?

  1. Adam Melson
  2. Wil Reynolds
  3. Rachael Gerson
  4. Ethan Lyon
  5. Brett Snyder
  6. Chris Le
  7. Aaron Levy
  8. Francis Shovlin
  9. Jessica Hill
  10. Bonnie Schwartz

Source: Twitter API, Data: URL Tweet count

I thought I would mention: Adam beat Wil by 5 tweets!! He got a grand total of 905 tweets and Wil got 900 tweets. This was as of Dec 21st around 4pm EST when I hit the Twitter API across all the URLs. I'm just glad I made it on the list :)

Who Had The Most Number Of Posts in the Top 50?

  1. Wil Reynolds
  2. Adam Melson
  3. Rachael Gerson
  4. Chris Le
  5. Brett Snyder
  6. Ethan Lyon
  7. Morgan Talasnik
  8. Jessica Hill
  9. David Karalis
  10. Bonnie Schwartz
  11. Aaron Levy

Source: Google Analytics API Data: Total number actual posts.

Which Team Had More Posts in the Top 50?

The numbers speak for themselves. The PPC team is spending more time in Excel than Wordpress. Maybe that's why they're Excel ninjas.

Who Had The Longest Blog Title in 2011?


Bonnie Schwartz

Step By Step Guide To Spying On The Competition With Keywordspy Downloadable Excel File Included

Count em'... 96 characters! It's OK, you can still Tweet it You still got 3 characters if you used the entire title in a tweet, shortened it with, and added "RT @bonnieschwartz:(space)"

Top 50 Seer Blog Posts of 2011

Without further adieu, here it is ...

  1. Adam Melson - Seo Lessons Through Cutts Pictures
  2. Ethan Lyon - Using Twitter And Backlinks To Build Links
  3. Rachael Gerson - Google Analytics Browser Tools
  4. Ethan Lyon - Competitor Backlink Analysis In Excel
  5. Ethan Lyon - Why Aren’T You Using Twitter To Build Links
  6. Brett Snyder - How I Wrote 500000 Unique Googlebase Descriptions In 2 Hours
  7. Rachael Gerson - Secure Search Rolls Out
  8. Wil Reynolds - A Peek Into How I Do Link Building In A Boring Industry
  9. Chris Le - Importxml Cookbook
  10. Rachael Gerson - New Google Analytics
  11. Rachael Gerson - Dealing With Not Provided
  12. Melissa Alam - Pinning Your Interest The Potential Value Of Pinterest
  13. Adam Melson - Google Testing 12 Sitelinks
  14. Wil Reynolds - Google 1 Impact On Seo Not Like
  15. Jessica Hill - Seo Website Redesign Checklist
  16. Wil Reynolds - Seo Wordpress Plugin To Export Commenters And Find Influencers W Domain Page Authority
  17. Morgan Talasnik - Start Collecting Your Cookies Setting Up Remarketing Tags 101
  18. Brett Snyder - We Screwed Up How We Still Managed 25 Success
  19. Ryan Fontana - Go Beyond The Rankings Talk Revenue With Your Clients
  20. Adam Melson - Qualify Great Links
  21. Nico Miceli - Outreach Tips And Tricks To Increase Efficiency
  22. Wil Reynolds - When Advanced Link Building No Rankings
  23. Chris Le - Dear Seos And Developers You Both Suck
  24. Brett Snyder - 100 Panda Recovery What We Learned To Identify Issues Get Your Traffic Back
  25. Wil Reynolds - A New Approach How To Pick A Semseo Company Using Linkedin Twitter
  26. Wil Reynolds - Affiliate Summit Keynote Links
  27. Aaron Levy - Using Sq Reports To Prioritize Keywords And Write Better Content
  28. Bonnie Schwartz - Step By Step Guide To Spying On The Competition With Keywordspy Downloadable Excel File Included
  29. Brett Snyder - Beware Google Analytics May Be Lying To You
  30. SEER - Link Buying Nine Ways To Get Them For Cheap
  31. Amanda Mancuso - Using Linkedin For Your B2B Strategy
  32. Aaron Levy - Does Google Promote What They Preach Critiquing The Adwords Login Images
  33. Michelle Noonan - 3 Algorithm Changes 3 Ga Changes In 30 Days
  34. Mark Lavoritano - How Good Ux Can Lead To Seo Results Mini Case Study
  35. Adam Melson - Architecture Issues Caught Early
  36. David Karalis - Overview Of Spyfu Recon Files Report
  37. Wil Reynolds - How To Produce 2 3 Quality Blog Posts In 1 Hour A Month
  38. Rachael Gerson - Basic Regex For Google Analytics
  39. Adam Melson - Logo Linking Opportunities
  40. Chris Le - Google Analytics Data Export Api With Rubygattica
  41. Wil Reynolds - Link Builders Do You Look At The World Through A Link Building Lens
  42. David Karalis - In House Seo Vs Seo Agency – Which Is Better
  43. SEER - All Seo’S Do Paid Linking Google Doesn’T Care
  44. Francis Shovlin - Google Changes Display Of Top Position Ads
  45. Adam Melson - Linkedin Changed Your Profile Links To 302 Redirects
  46. Chris Le - Hash Bang Good For The Web But Isnt Ready For Prime Time
  47. Jessica Hill - Google Product Search Displaying Nearby Stores
  48. Adam Melson - Link Research Easy Link
  49. Bonnie Schwartz - Step By Step Guide For Using Adwords Campaign Experiments Ace For Ad Copy Testing
  50. Morgan Talasnik - Part 2 Ppc Tools You Wished You Learned About In College

How I collected and calculated the data: (Because I know the entire Seer team is going to grill me after I post this. LOL)

The top 50 blog posts were ranked by the total number of landing page visits between Jan 1st and Dec 21. I used Google Analytic's API. I chose landing page visits because I wanted to have it be the first thing they went to from an external link.

Posts made at the beginning of the year had a clear advantage: they had more time to accumulate visits. To compensate, each post's visits was multiplied by a weight to normalize them. The weight was simply the date it was posted divided by the number of days to 12/19 to eliminate the bias of age - ie: the post received less advantage the earlier in the year it was posted.

Tweets were from the Twitter API for that particular URL. URL shorteners probably make the numbers do funny things. I'm sure there are a million different ways to slice and dice the data. I thought this method was simple and straight forward. Eh. For this blog post it's close enough :)

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