SEO WordPress Plugin to Eport Commenters and Find Influencers w/ Domain & Page Authority

Why are you looking for links from strangers, when your fans are already on your blog?

Here is the Commenter Export WordPress Plugin, for those of you who hate to read.

For a LONG time, I have been preaching about looking at the links right under your nose before trying to come up with a BIG idea that requires a ton of outreach. Whether it is the use of a broken link wordpress plugin that alerts you when pages you have linked out to are 404's. Or how Ethan has been talking about using Twitter to build links.

So today, we got another easy concept, in the form of a wordpress plugin that will hopefully help you get links, do great outreach, and succeed in SEO.

Assuming you have a blog, and you get comments on it, from someone other than a family member, you are sitting on a gold mine. Outreach is hard, getting people who don't know you to be interested is difficult and so often when you are thinking of outreach, you'll look at lists of bloggers, using tools like followerwonk, Klout influencer lists, topsy expert search, etc.

I am asking you to think differently - think how about looking at your existing fans who are commenting on your site as the first place to consider outreach. You have people in your CHURCH, why are you running past them to go try to convert people on the street?

So one day I was thinking, damn wouldn’t it be awesome that when we pick up a client if we could index all of their commenters and go find them and see the influencers? So right off the bat before we get started using the tactics above, how about we look for the influencers leaving comments ON their actual blogs already, versus going out and trying to find new people to convince to link to us, as a start?

I looked for a solution to let me export commenters on a wordpress blog, so I could run backlink analysis on their commenter URLs to see the influencers. There was none I could find, so Chris Le at SEER built it and added a serious goodie, the ability to pull Domain Authority and Page Authority, thank you to our friends at SEOmoz who release this info for free. So with our new plugin, we are offering to you for FREE, you will be able to get the Mozrank of every commenter on your site to start the “spark” for your outreach.

There's only one downside to the tool, if we pull all this data at once we were worried about slamming their servers, if they give us the green light, we will update it to pull everything.

Here is the Commenter Export WordPress Plugin, we plan on adding even more data points, what else would you like to see?

[Update (Chris Le) Nov 11, 2011 @12:15 EST: Unauthorized error message w/ new API keys]

If you just signed up for an brand new API key from SEOmoz, you might get "Unauthorized" errors.  It takes some time before it becomes usable.  If you're using an existing key then you should be OK.  SEOmoz's API page says it's 5 minutes but it might be longer if they're getting hit with a bunch of new signups.  :)

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