How AI Can Make Your Content More Human

SEERFEST 2022 session RECAP

Laura Smous, VP of Product Marketing at Verblio, presented at Seerfest 2022 on the value of AI in content marketing. Read on to learn more about how you embrace the machine and use artificial intelligence to assist in your content marketing efforts.

Think: Content is No Longer Just a Channel

Marketers are constantly chasing the next high-performing channel, and let’s be real -- everyone’s doing content because it works. Content fuels all those channels. According to Smous, “Content is the only constant in modern marketing”. That being said, the more content that’s out there, the harder it is to get it to work. Content needs a competitive edge. It must be:

  • Frequent
  • Recent
  • Quality
  • Diverse
  • Original
  • HUMAN!

Content Must Be Human

Users appreciate human touch. Nobody appreciates an article that looks and feels like it’s been written by a robot.

This is why, in addition to everything else, Google is looking for content to become more human. So there’s no possibility that AI will be able to replace you in your job as a content marketer or writer, or unfortunately, do your job for you as you sit back and relax. However, content creation is a complex process that can be greatly enhanced by AI across a broad spectrum.

Leveraging AI Tools to Inform Content Creation

AI has the ability to inform content in ways that humans are bad at, like topic generation, identifying relevant keywords, and more.

Generating Topics & Ideas

Use AI to generate new topics and ideas for content. This may look like utilizing AI and data to identify topics with the most buzz, generate titles, or perform keyword research and group keywords into themes. Utilize AI for the tactical stages of these processes, rather than pulling data manually to analyze for hours at a time.

Increasing Inclusivity & Reducing Bias

Utilizing AI to identify topics and automate style and language will allow you to reduce unconscious bias in your content creation and subsequently increase the inclusivity of the content on your site. Automating style and language checks will be able to provide you with real-time feedback and direction consistently, without the bias of a human.

Bookmark Verblio’s Inclusive Writing Guide to use during content creation in an effort to reduce bias and increase inclusivity.

Informing Your Instinct

Before anyone starts writing or looking at a brief, use AI to develop a data-driven content strategy. This strategy will provide you with the validation needed to get started, instead of relying solely on your gut.

More Places to Try AI

Utilizing AI within your content will unlock opportunities for efficiencies. Consider using AI in:

  • Audio transcripts
  • Distribution ideas
  • Assessing quality
  • Predicting performance
  • Optimization
  • Standardizing pitches
  • Content refreshes
  • Writing meta descriptions
  • Preventing plagiarism
  • Image selection
  • Intelligent workflow automation
  • Video transcripts

And remember, always proofread your content created by AI to include a human’s touch and QA against your initial recommendations to ensure it’ll reach your goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Content is the only constant in modern marketing.
  • What if instead of stealing your job, AI gave you an assist?


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Meghan Evans
Meghan Evans
Sr. Manager, SEO