3 Content Strategy Examples Driven by SEO Audience Research

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If you're a marketer looking for help with your audience research, then this post is for you. We'll delve into real client examples of how Seer has used organic search data to deliver business results, how Seer combines organic and paid data for our clients, and the benefits SEO audience insights can provide. By the end, you'll have a solid understanding of how SEO can support your data-driven audience research.

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Content Creation

Content Refresh

Content Consolidation

Product Development

How SEO Supports Data-Driven Audience Research

Benefits of SEO Audience Insights

Organic Search data is one of the most powerful audience research datasets we have. 

Power-up that SEO data with an integration to your PPC data, your audience research is now unstoppable.

Below we have 3 proven content tactics, driven and personalized for each client by SEO data. 

We also threw in a bonus Product Development strategy driven by SEO data - with audience research this powerful, it makes sense to extend it’s impact beyond SEO and content strategies alone.

Note: We leverage Seer Interactive’s proprietary Supernova™ data product platform for most of the examples in this post.  Anyone with Google Ads data and organic data from tools like Search Console, SEMRush, AHRefs, etc can integrate their SEO and PPC data to further their insights like we show below. 

Supernova™ is the way we see SEO and PPC data for our clients on demand and at scale.


1. Content Creation


A niche startup SaaS business was looking for ways to grow their newly launched business, expand organic visibility, and capture new audiences.

SEO Data Research

Seer’s team leveraged existing Supernova™ dashboards and custom analyses of our client’s SEO data to identify any unique ways that users were searching for emerging technology like theirs. 

Because we can quickly n-gram keyword data within Supernova™, Seer was also able to identify emerging trends in this client’s specific industry - capitalizing on those to expand organic visibility before competition.

For example, a social media trend resulted in a spike in traffic to one of the client’s blog posts related to that topic, even though that post was not ranking for many keywords. 

Seer was able to identify this and provide recommendations for the post to better address the topic and optimize for target terms to capture increased visibility. 

Pro Tip: This happens across all industries. Here’s another example of a time that rapper, 21 Savage, cost the finance industry millions by dropping a new song.

Action Taken

With a prioritized list from the data above, Seer used new and existing optimization opportunities that accommodated the client’s limited content resources to create a content strategy that contributed to +742.42% new keyword rankings and +20.24% sessions YoY.


2. Content Refresh


A client website contained outdated content, but didn’t have a uniform key, like a date field. 

SEO Data Research

After doing some research and finding that the date existed written into the metadata, Seer leveraged organic search data from Supernova™ to pinpoint outdated content, at scale, by identifying old dates within that metadata.

Action Taken

Our client reduced outdated content from the site that was contributing to a bloated sitemap to create a more cohesive and simpler user experience for their customers.


3. Content Consolidation


A client’s website contained a large editorial section with redundant, newsy content that had accumulated and created dead weight, a bad user experience, and unwanted costs.

SEO Data Research

The Seer team built Looker-powered dashboards in Supernova™ to identify similar content and consolidation opportunities at scale. N-gramming functionality again plays a part in being able to create groupings of the content so quickly.

Action Taken

Seer’s insights drove content consolidation strategy by mitigating cannibalization risks and improving the quality of existing content, not just new content.

Bonus: Product Development


Seer recently worked with an e-commerce website within a niche market and audience. This particular client struggled to develop their next phase of product strategy to help grow sales. 

SEO Data Research

Seer helped drive product development by leveraging SEO research that pointed to new flavors and ideal product packaging. We had data-driven evidence for our client that our recommendations would resonate well with their audience.

This client also leverages the Supernova™ data product platform, which enabled us to identify competitors that are not typical “business” competitors, and expand the dataset we had to work with.

Action Taken

Our e-commerce client released new products that more proactively capitalize on current trends in the marketplace.


How SEO Supports Data-Driven Audience Research

Data from organic search is different from third-party research data.

At Seer Interactive, SEOs have access to: 

  • Consumer trends
  • Search interest for topics and products over time
  • Millions of queries indicating what users want to know (or already know) about a topic

Working with SEOs that value and have access to this data puts an agile team of analysts at your fingertips, all of whom can react to changing trends and quickly pull consumer insights, adapt strategy, and deliver tailored recommendations in a constantly evolving market.

Benefits of SEO Audience Insights

Every business benefits from data about their users!

In order to effectively reach your target audience (and expand into new markets), it’s imperative that you understand your audience and search landscape through user questions, searches pertaining to your product and industry, users’ frustrations and friction points, and audience sentiment surrounding your product. 

There are, however, specific types of businesses that may especially benefit most from these findings.

For example, startups and any business in an emerging or niche market should prioritize leveraging market research, starting with organic search data. 

If you’re looking for a strategy that will allow you to check off boxes, employ “best practices” without challenging the status quo, and stay in your lane without giving your competitors a run for their money, then any SEO strategy is fine. 

However, if you want to expand your business via a scalable approach, reach new audiences within a niche market, and gain information on what users want to learn about your product offering, using Seer’s SEO data for research and development is the best decision you can make for your business.

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