Meta Ad Account Consolidation Drives +80% in CTR & -44% CPC

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If you find yourself juggling multiple campaigns, audiences, and creative variations, then this post is for you.

We'll run through the benefits of ad account consolidation, showcasing how it streamlines ad management, enhances campaign performance, and saves time.

Ultimately, we aim to help you make data-driven decisions to optimize your paid social strategy.

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If you find yourself juggling multiple campaigns, audiences, and creative variations, you're not alone.

Successfully managing Meta ad accounts plays an important role in ensuring that your paid social strategy is aligned to business goals. Ad account consolidation can streamline your ad management, enhance campaign performance, and save time on administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on strategy, creative development, and other important projects.

Take a look at how we consolidated a client’s ad account with a full restructure, and the improvements we saw as a result.

Pre Meta Ad Account Consolidation | 2022

In 2022, initiatives were split out by audience, with each campaign inside of that initiative targeting a different audience segment.

The ad account also utilized manual placements for story ads and feed ads, and ad sets were segmented by ad type, meaning that carousels, static images, and videos all ran in separate ad sets.

This led to budget dilution, audience overlap, and ad fatigue.

As a result, we saw inefficient costs and an increase in frequency while click-through-rates (CTRs) declined, and providing insightful impacts and recommendations became increasingly difficult. 

Meta Ad Account | Pre-Consolidation


Post Meta Ad Account Consolidation | 2023

Fast forward to today, where the ad account has been consolidated for the entirety of 2023.

We’re utilizing Advantage+ Placements and are running multiple ad types in each ad set, as well as seeing significantly lower cost per clicks (CPCs) and higher CTRs across all initiatives. 

Meta Ad Account | Post-Consolidation


Results of Meta Ad Account Consolidation | 

2022 vs. 2023

CPC (cost per link click)


CPC (cost per click)

CPLV (cost per landing page view)

Link Clicks


(Jan -Aug)







(Jan - Aug)






YoY % Δ







Results of Meta Ad Account Further Consolidation | Q1 2023 vs. Q2 2023

We continued to see performance improvements QoQ this year, and have reduced the number of total active ad sets in the account by 73% since the start of 2023. 

CPC (cost per link click)


CPC (cost per click)

CPLV (cost per landing page view)

Link Clicks

Q1 2023






Q2 2023






QoQ % Δ







Other Platform Applications for Ad Consolidations

Now that you’ve seen how consolidating campaigns on Meta can drive better performance, you may be wondering, “How does this translate to other platforms?”.

Whether you’re running on LinkedIn, TikTok, Reddit, or any other paid social platform, following that platform’s best practices for advertising while still keeping in mind the unique nuances that will help drive success for your client is a great place to start.

Generally speaking though, we recommend running:

  • 3-5 ad sets per campaign
  • Up to 5 active ads per ad set at any given time

Regardless of the platform. Too much beyond this may result in efficient ad spend, higher costs, and lower conversion volumes.

Less really is more– anywhere you’re able to consolidate and streamline your ad account, we highly encourage you to do so! 

What Are You Waiting For?

Ad account consolidation isn’t just convenient; it's a strategic move in the ever-evolving landscape of paid social advertising that can help give you an advantage over the competition.

From simplified management and cost efficiencies to more insightful reporting and streamlined targeting, consolidating your ad accounts will help you make data-driven decisions to refine your strategy and optimize your campaigns to reach your clients’ goals.

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Olivia Kaufman
Olivia Kaufman
Sr. Manager, Paid Social