An Early Read on Marketing Opportunities from Snapchat's ‘My AI’

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If you're curious about Snapchat's My AI and its potential for personalized interactions, then this post is for you. We'll work through the advanced capabilities of My AI, how users have engaged with it for creativity, recommendations, and information, and explore ways marketers can leverage this tool for lead generation and enhanced customer experiences. By the end, you'll have a better understanding of how My AI can reshape user engagement and benefit your marketing strategies on Snapchat.


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What is Snapchat’s My AI?

What Have Snapchat Users Done So Far?

Digital Marketing Predictions

Final Thoughts



What is Snapchat’s My AI?

My AI is a chatbot available on the Snapchat app that was launched in April of this year.

My AI's capabilities are so much more advanced than typical chatbots that you find on Meta Messenger and many websites. Since it’s powered by ChatGPT. it can go into specifics and is not limited to standardized responses. It has inspired, recommended, and provided more information for a variety of occasions and interests.

Users can also personalize their AI with unique Bitmojis variations.

So far, My AI is available in the US, India, France, and Great Britain. 

My AI and I
Here’s my customized My AI and I

What Are Snapchat Users Leveraging My AI for [so far]?

Since its launch, 150 million have sent more than 10 billion messages to My AI and here is what they’re talking about:

Help Me Be Creative

  • 100 million asked for conversation starters like good jokes
  • 6 million asked for art and design inspiration
  • 2 million for party plannings tips for birthdays, weddings, graduations, or baby showers

4 million song writing or guitar playing 

Give Me Recommendations

I’m one of those that would ask / look for recommendations on Reddit but I’m not gonna lie, it has saved me a lot of time to use My AI instead.

  • My AI can make recommendations for travel, shopping, and more
  • 5 million conversations for top tourist destinations
  • Almost 1 million conversations about hotel and accommodations
  • About 5 million conversations about restaurant recommendations 
  • Almost 2 million conversations for healthy meal and snack recommendations
  • Over 12 million conversations for skincare, makeup, nails and other beauty product recommendations
  • Almost 11 million conversations for hair care recommendations  
[Tip] Ask My AI for weekend activity ideas! It will use the Snap Map and make recommendations based on your locations. 

My AI updates

My AI updates recommendations based on additional information. Bonus points that it used Snap Map to find a restaurant that is really close to my house.

good example elevant sponsored result

Say what you will about ‘them Cowboys’, but this is actually a really good gift idea (and yes we are a ‘rull’ Texan family). Here is a good example of a relevant sponsored result

Give Me More Information 

Snapchatters have used My AI to learn more information about products and services across different verticals.

  • My AI had 65 million conversations to help users learn about cars
  • Over 5 million conversations about college and university information
  • Over 1 million conversations about historical events
  • 10 million conversations about celebrity / entertainment news
  • 10 million conversations about sports news

My AI more respectful than other celebrity gossip sites

My AI is more respectful than all other celebrity gossip sites combined #facts

Advertising Potential

Snapchat Users Are Active

375+ million daily Snapchat users open the app more than 30 times a day

Snapchat users are super engaged, which really is no surprise. Snapchat has a multitude of ways to entertain including content from friends, fun and interactive lenses, games, and exclusive shows and content. 

Reach Millennials and Gen Z 

90% of 13-24-year-olds  and 75% of 13-34-year-olds are on Snapchat

You can reach Millenial and Gen Z users through interests, locations, and other demographic information.  

Almost 50% of users 16-years-old and above don't use TikTok

Snapchatters and Shopping

Snapchat users have a $4.4 trillion global spending power

45% of users are more likely to recommended an advertised brand to friends and 34% are more likely to purchase a product advertised on the platform! 

Advertising in AI-Generated Queries

Snapchat is testing out sponsorship opportunities in My AI, but it is not widely available yet. Since it’s still in its testing phase, there have also been some sponsorship mismatches.

my ai snapchat messages

Two things I want to call out. 1) It would have been more relevant to include a sponsored result to an Asian-American history museum or website. 2)Ang Lee is not Asian-American, he’s a Taiwanese national. 

If you want to know more about Snapchat's current targeting and advertising capabilities, check out this in-depth article on why you should advertise on Snapchat (spoiler alert, I wrote it). 

My AI Advertising Predictions 

As someone with five years of client’s side E-commerce experience, I have a couple of ideas for how marketers can utilize My AI for lead generation and purchases.

Lead Generation

My AI may be a great option for university or vocational schools to target potential students.

Snapchat users can ask My AI for more information about a school or a degree program and this would be a great opportunity to have a sponsored ad for a school. 

When the user receives such an ad, the landing page can have a form that allows the user to request more information about school as a whole or specific programs. 

Another great use case for lead generation is for car brands or car dealerships.

If a user is asking My AI about car recommendations or additional information about cars, this would be a great opportunity to serve them an ad.  

This sponsored ad can be something like schedule a test drive at your local dealership.  

To increase the quality of potential leads, I would recommend targeting only specific ages and locations for the examples above. 


E-commerce brands can also influence what users buy when they’re looking for recommendations for specific events. Brands can take it a step farther and lead users to their AR (augmented reality) custom lenses so Snapchatters can try on clothes, makeup, and accessories virtually

I believe all e-commerce brands can benefit using sponsored ads in My AI, but I think it would be even more beneficial for brands with affordable products

Let's say a Snapchat user is playing around with lip color lenses and absolutely fell in in love with a mauve-shade with a satin finish. When they realize it's less than $10, this becomes an impulse buy. Shoppers are often more likely to convert on an impulse buy when the purchase isn't too expensive. 

Now what if we had a user asking for recommendations for clothes to wear at a summer wedding. This would be a strategic opportunity for a brand to promote accessories whether with a sponsored ad with a discount code or with a custom lens. 

Since Snapchatters converse based on intent, brands can utilize this information to create a tailored experience based on what conversations users are having with My AI.

If brands present themselves at the right place and the right time, it will be easier to get potential customers into the sales funnel, convert faster, and potentially increase cart size. 

Final Thoughts

I have a few pieces of advice for brands that want to potentially utilize My AI.

  1. Have conversations with My AI and see what it can do. It’s important to understand its processes and capabilities before you integrate it into future marketing plans.

  2. If your brand doesn’t have an account on Snapchat Ads Manager account, sign up! It will speed up the new platform / new campaign launch process.

  3. If you do have Snapchat ads, contact your Snapchat representative to see if there are any potential opportunities for beta testing or vouchers for My AI utilization.

Happy Snapping! 👻

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