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This blog post explores how job seekers can leverage ChatGPT to improve their interviewing skills, automate administrative tasks, and enhance the overall job search process. We'll cover ChatGPT's role in researching employers, optimizing resumes, and preparing for interviews.

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Researching Companies and Job Postings

Resume Optimization and Tailoring

Interview Preparation


In the hustle and bustle of today's job market, where competition is fierce and time is precious, everyone's looking for ways to streamline the job search. If you caught my teaser video then you’ll already know we’ll cover how job seekers can leverage ChatGPT to stand out as a candidate, save countless hours in the interview process and leave a lasting impression. We're going to dig into 3 different ways to use ChatGPT in your job search and provide example prompts for you to start testing out today.

Getting to Know ChatGPT and Its Role In Your Job Search

Speed and personalization are paramount to interviewing and we see leveraging ChatGPT as becoming essential for successfully landing your next role. It can assist job seekers with researching companies and job postings, tweak their resumes and even prepare for interviews. As a candidate, it can often feel overwhelming to kick start the process but implementing just a few techniques will allow you to approach the process in a whole new way.

3 Ways Job Seekers Can Leverage ChatGPT in Their Job Hunt

1. Researching Companies and Job Postings

When you're job searching, knowing the ins and outs of potential employers and open roles is a must. ChatGPT can give you a leg up by providing important information on company culture, or quickly giving insight about role qualifications. Let’s walk through an example:

Perhaps you’ve taken a look at our careers page and you’ve found a position that piques your interest (yay!) but, you haven’t worked at a digital marketing agency before. Maybe you want to get a better understanding of what agency-life is like before throwing your hat in the right. That’s when you turn to ChatGPT, in order to start conducting your own research by asking prompts like:

  • Example Prompt: “I’m interviewing for X role at Seer Interactive. Can you please help me research them before my interview, for the job description listed out below?” [Copy & paste the contents of the job description]
  • Example Prompt: “How may working at a digital marketing agency be different than working in an in-house role?”
  • Example Prompt:“What are some challenges that digital marketing agencies experience?”
  • Example Prompt: “What are some of the qualifications a digital marketing agency might look for if I’m applying for the SEO position listed out below? What about typical metrics or KPIs for the role?” [Copy & paste the contents of the job description]

These questions will help you to grasp the key differences between working agency-side vs. in-house. Additionally, these insights will allow you to tailor your job application and interview responses, in order to showcase your ability to be successful in a digital agency environment.

[TIP] Keep prompting! Don’t just stop at the first prompt, the more you prompt ChatGPT the more you’ll get out of it. (Ask & you shall receive!)

2. Resume Optimization and Tailoring

Your resume is your golden ticket, right? Well, ChatGPT supercharges your experience and helps your resume to stand out even more amongst the crowd. Perhaps you’ve finally put together that resume and before you know it, you’re 3 pages deep with no end in sight – yikes! Or you’re stumped at how you can showcase the quantifiable value that you’ve brought to your current role. 

We often see candidates who are looking to make a career pivot into a different type of  role and it’s tough to know where to begin. When you stumble across your dream job but aren't sure how to showcase your skills effectively, ChatGPT can offer insights on how to tailor your resume for specific roles, ensuring you stand out in the competitive talent landscape.

[TIP] Copy and paste your resume directly into ChatGPT and create prompts for what you need. (Employers look for outcomes and ROI in resumes that exhibit skills, so adding metrics is important when considering what to include) 

  • Condensing your resume. “Take my bullet points and make them sound more clear and concise and so that each section has no more than 8 bullet points total.” or “Take my current resume in paragraph format and convert it into no more than 8 bullet points.” [Copy & Paste contents of your resume or Linkedin profile]
  • Uncover quantifiable data points. “Based on my experience that I’ve listed out below, where are some places that I can add quantifiable data points into my Linkedin profile, in order to make me seem like a better fit for a Paid Media Manager role at a digital marketing agency?” [Copy & paste contents of your Linkedin profile or Resume]
  • Align to your dream job. “Based on my resume and the job description provided below, what keywords should I incorporate in order to better align my experience with the job description?” [Copy & Paste contents of the Job posting and your resume]

We know that creating the perfect resume that’s reflective of your hard work can be time consuming, but with ChatGPT you don’t have to wait until your 10th revision to get it just right.

3. Interview Preparation

You wowed the team with your perfected resume, so now it’s time to prep for your interview! Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but ChatGPT can be the secret weapon in your arsenal. It can help you prepare by…

  • Generating tailored interview questions. As you read above, ChatGPT can prepare you to better understand the industry, role and maybe even specific company you’re applying to. Armed with this knowledge, you can start preparing tailored responses to align with company values and goals, making you a standout candidate.

    Example Prompt: “I have an upcoming interview at Seer for a Business Development Manager role. What type of experience do they look for and what skills should I make sure that I highlight in my interview answers?” [Copy & Paste the contents of the Business Development Manager job description]
  • Being your trusty friend in a mock interview. Leverage ChatGPT as you would a friend for a mock interview. This can help you approach the interview ready to respond with clear and concise answers. Prompt it to ask you questions based on the role you’re interviewing for to simulate an interview setting.

    Example Prompt: “I have an interview for this SEO Associate job on Monday [insert job description below] Please provide a list of 20 interview questions that I should expect to be asked?”
  • Crafting your thank-you note. Draft a personalized message that expresses gratitude for the opportunity and reiterates your interest in the position. This small but significant gesture just got easier and will leave a lasting impression on your interviewers.

    Example Prompt: “Write a personalized post-interview thank you note to this hiring manager named [Insert hiring manager’s name + anything specific from the conversation you want to call out]”


ChatGPT is a powerful tool that's changing the game as a job seeker. By leveraging AI in these 3 ways, you can automate the administrative tasks associated with interviewing and save yourself countless hours researching companies, ideating interview questions and revising your resume.

We're big advocates for embracing AI in your job hunt. By doing so, you can stay ahead in the job market and find that perfect balance between personalization and timesaving techniques. As technology keeps on evolving, the partnership between AI like ChatGPT, and human expertise is reshaping how we approach the interview process. So go ahead, give it a whirl, and let's make the job hunt a little more exciting and a lot more efficient!

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