10 Examples of How HR Teams Can Use ChatGPT

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In this post, we’ll  share 10 examples of how Seer’s People Experience team has tapped into the power of ChatGPT in order to streamline everything from talent acquisition to employee engagement efforts. We'll cover ChatGPT's role in building out job postings, developing Boolean search strings and even generating topics for thought leadership. 

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Streamline Talent Acquisition

Condense Communication into Concise Summaries

Gain Efficiency with Employee Engagement Initiatives

Supercharge Content Development

The mass adoption of AI into the workplace has already had a profound impact across every type of industry and profession imaginable. 

It seems like ChatGPT is an inescapable topic of discussion these days and if you’re anything like me, it might’ve intimidated you, at first.  Perhaps you assumed that ChatGPT is only intended for highly technical folks and it wouldn’t actually benefit  you in your job as a Talent Acquisition manager. 

Maybe you’re an HR Professional who is eager to incorporate ChatGPT into your day-to-day but, it just seems too daunting and you don’t know where to start. 

In this post, we’ll  share how Seer’s People Experience team has tapped into the power of AI in order to streamline various aspects of the hiring process and drive better efficiencies for our team.

Streamline Talent Acquisition 

In the world of recruiting, time is money and our efficiency has  significantly improved since we started leveraging AI. In fact, ChatGPT has enabled our TA Team to quickly ramp up onto the roles that they’re supporting and identify candidates faster than ever before.

1. Job Descriptions 

ChatGPT has been a huge time-saver by whipping up job descriptions for brand new roles and updating existing job descriptions to reflect our positions today. 

As a team, we’ve found that using ChatGPT ensures that, not only is our job description clear and easy to understand, but it’s highlighting information candidates are looking for. 

We can even prompt it to use our job description format and tone for faster completion. This has reduced our time by about 50% on average, and allowed us to kick off roles even faster.

Example Prompt: "I'm hiring for a Paid Media Manager who requires cross channel experience in both Search and Social. Can you please help me create a job description in bullet point format with a friendly, upbeat tone?" (We always review job descriptions crafted in ChatGPT to refine it to our style. We still want that human touch before finalizing it for posting) 

2. Uncovering Bias

Employers are leveraging tools like ChatGPT to uncover bias in their job descriptions and job application forms. Ultimately, this allows us to provide a more equitable and inclusive hiring process by removing any verbiage that might discourage certain folks from applying. (i.e. phrases like “We’re seeking a dynamic, high-energy salesperson” might feel age discriminatory)

Example Prompt: “Can you please review this job description for any biased or discriminatory language?” [insert job description below]

3. Boolean search strings 

Finding potential candidates in a vast pool of Linkedin profiles is never easy. ChatGPT has helped us tweak our boolean search strings and add in vital keywords that we may have missed. We then use these Boolean search strings in order to uncover potential candidates via Linkedin, PeopleGPT and other web sources. We’ve recently began fine-tuning our search parameters, in order to quickly identify the exact qualifications and skills we’re seeking.

Example Prompt: “I’m recruiting for a Director of Marketing that requires innovation experience in AI. The ideal candidate should have deep digital agency experience and has led teams through growth/change. Can you help me create a Boolean search string for this?” [insert job description, if applicable]


4. Interview Questions + Exercises

 Leveraging ChatGPT for interview questions and exercise ideas has changed the game for us at Seer. We no longer have to involve our hiring managers to draft an initial set of questions to ask candidates during interviews. We can now prompt ChatGPT for ideas, so we can provide a jumping off point for our hiring managers to edit and make updates to vs. starting from square 1 with a blank canvas.

Example Prompt: “What are some good interview questions for a Design Freelancer who needs to help revamp a company website? What design tools would a designer use?” or “I’m building an interview exercise for an Executive Assistant who will be responsible for managing schedules, and we want a centralized resource to do this. Can you help me create a prompt that requests candidates to share their solutions?” 

Condense Communication into Concise Summaries

Seer’s People Experience Team strives to lead with transparency, whether that means providing visibility into our compensation-ranges or sharing feedback with candidates throughout the interview process. We’re committed to being forthcoming and communicative with our team, clients and even prospective job applicants. Historically, there’s been a cost associated with being transparent and that came in the form of time-investment. That’s where ChatGPT has come in handy! 

5. Candidate Feedback

Knowledge is power so, providing candidates with interview feedback has always been a best-practice at Seer. As candidates progress through Seer’s interview process, there are an increasing number of feedback forms that the People Experience Team has to review from our interviewers. In fact, there are usually 3+ panel  feedback forms to address so, our Recruiters had to carve out time after each panel interview to generate a summary of the interview takeaways. Luckily, ChatGPT has enabled us to quickly develop digestible, candidate feedback summaries for both the Seer hiring manager and the individual candidates.

Example Prompt: “Can you summarize these interview feedback notes into a bulleted list of pros and cons? This candidate was interviewing for a Project Manager role.”

6. Announcing New Perks & Policy Changes to Internal Employees

We’re proud to offer an ever-evolving list of competitive perks and benefits to our Seer employees. In fact, we’re constantly surveying our team, demoing new tools and reading up on innovations in the employee wellness space, in order to remain competitive with other leading industry employers. 

Whenever Seer launched a new employee perk, we’d send out a lengthy video announcement or detailed introductory email to everyone at the company, which proved to be a bit overwhelming for folks. Luckily, that presented us with the perfect opportunity to leverage AI. We’ve used ChatGPT, to condense these daunting email overviews into concise announcements with bulleted action-items. (Of course, we still always link to any relevant resources so, employees still have the option to dive into the details, if they’re interested.)

Example Prompt: “Can you summarize this announcement about Mental Health Awareness month into 3-4 sentences and include all the action items in a bulleted list at the end? 

Gain Efficiency with Employee Engagement Initiatives

With Seer being a remote-first company, we’ve had to get creative with our team engagement efforts, in order to ensure that we’re providing an equitable employee experience. (It wouldn’t make sense to host a Philadelphia team happy hour with 80% of our team working remotely) We’re committed to maintaining Seer’s engaging company culture so, ChatGPT couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 

7. Huddle Day Trivia Questions 

Seer hosts an optional, monthly Huddle Day, in order to encourage teammates to get face-time with one another in-office. Folks who are local to Philadelphia and San Diego are encouraged to come on-site and meet their colleagues face-to-face, while also giving back to the community together.  Additionally, Remote employees are able to participate in a live Seer trivia session and a remote volunteer activity. Trivia sessions are led by a member of the People Experience team and we quickly realized that there was an opportunity to leverage AI, in order to quickly generate a series of trivia questions on a certain topic.  

Example Prompt: “Can you give me a list of 10 trivia questions related to pop culture?”


8. LT Coffee House

While Seer has 100% embraced remote work, we recognize that there aren’t as many opportunities for folks to interface with Executive Team members in a more casual, social setting. In an effort to try to recreate those organic ‘water cooler moments’, we started hosting monthly LT Coffee House sessions to give everyone face-time with Seer Executives. A member of the Seer People Experience team hosts the session and we cover a different topic each month, such as music or cooking.

Example Prompt: “What are some potential topics that we could use for an upcoming interview with our company's executive team? We want our employees to be able to get to know these Executives on a more personal level.”

Supercharge Content Development

While the majority of the People Experience magic happens behind the scenes, we’re still committed to sharing what we’ve learned externally in the form of thought leadership. We’ve led Seer webinars on interviewing best-practices and even published a custom Total Compensation Calculator for candidates to leverage while they’re on the job hunt. ChatGPT has helped to get the creative juices flowing, whenever we’re stumped on what content to develop or simply strapped for time. 

9. Generate Topics for Blog-posts 

Sometimes the hardest aspect of content development is selecting a relevant topic to write about, so ChatGPT has quickly become our go-to brainstorming tool. We want to ensure that there’s audience demand for the topics that we’re covering vs. developing content strictly for the sake of developing content. Writer’s block feels like a thing of the past for Seer’s People Experience Team because ChatGPT has sparked 

Example Prompt: “If I'm a Digital Marketing Agency recruiter, what are some potential topics that I could write about for an upcoming blog post?”


10. Inspire Recruiting Resource Development 

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional candidate experience and we’re constantly exploring new ways to improve our interview process. In fact, we aim to stand out amongst other employers by adding value in every candidate touchpoint, whether that means sending a Seer Benefits overview or sharing a personalized video-recording from the hiring manager. ChatGPT has proven to be a helpful brainstorming tool for Recruitment Marketing. If you’re looking to develop new external-facing recruiting resources, then ChatGPT can be your secret weapon for sparking creativity and helping you to think outside-of-the-box.

Example Prompt: “What are some unique resources to share with candidates throughout the interview process, in order to get them invested in the employer?”



We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible when it comes to leveraging ChatGPT to drive better efficiencies for HR & Talent Acquisitions teams. By implementing these small but impactful changes, Seer’s People Experience Team has already seen a tremendous improvement in our ability to streamline everything from the hiring process to employee engagement initiatives. 

As technology continues to evolve, the partnership between AI like ChatGPT, and human expertise is reshaping how we approach hiring and employee engagement. If you’re an HR or Talent Acquisition professional who has avoided taking the plunge into ChatGPT, we hope that we’ve inspired you to start integrating AI into aspects of your role. Once you see the power of ChatGPT in action, you’ll be addicted to finding new applications for it throughout your entire organization. 

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