It’s not just marketing,
it’s personal.

You Value Excellence

Constantly pushing to improve your own website? Never satisfied with the status quo? Then we’ll get along just fine. We love to work with people who are always learning and innovating in everything they do and who choose to do what’s right—no matter what the scenario may be.

We’re Seer. We pride ourselves on outcaring the competition by building meaningful connections with your audience through SEO, PPC, and Analytics. We believe that behind every search is a person, and we strategize on how to help these people find your website as their solution. It’s not just marketing for us, it’s personal.

We Care About Giving Back

We spent 1,696 hours volunteering in 2017 and we’re on track to blow that number away this year. We also donated $109,010 in 2017 to organizations that we love and are always looking for new ways to connect with the community.

We Share What We Learn

Collaboration is a huge part of our everyday work and we’re committed to learning as much as we can about digital marketing. Whether it’s diving into research about a new social platform or becoming an expert in a specific vertical, we work together on a set of projects called Seer Labs to innovate, make mistakes, grow, play, and learn.