Case Study

+45.3% Growth in Sitewide CVR via Contact Page Update Driving 1,169 Additional Conversions



Industrial Water Treatment
+45.3% growth in CVR (1.16% to 1.65%)
+1,169 incremental organic conversions


When presenting historical data to develop KPIs, our client said, “I’ve always felt our conversion rate is really low.”

The client records conversions when users submit a contact form on their website, resulting in a conversion rate (CVR) of 1.16% at the time this challenge was presented to us.

With the goal of improving contact form CVR, the next step was to identify our approach.


We responded by conducting a Page Performance Analysis, which would identify which pages:

  • Have high conversions
  • Have low conversions
  • Other insights we can glean to test across the site

Specifically, we sought to answer the question:

“Why are some product pages converting very well while others are falling behind?”


Data integration for the win. We joined the following data sets together:

With this data, we could identify at a broad scale which types of pages converted better than others.

After identifying the highest-converting products and walking through the conversion journey on the site itself, we learned that the high-converting product pages pushed users to a different contact form on a different URL than the others. 

For the low-converting product pages, users were pushed to the main contact page.

The client had four separate contact forms on the contact page, but these would remain hidden until the user selected whether they had a question about purchasing a product, getting support on an existing product, getting emergency support, or “other”.

This additional selection caused friction for users trying to convert.

We suggested a simple solution: keep the product contact form open on the contact page.

Additionally, for this analysis, we worked closely with our Paid Search team to verify the forecasting model outputs validity and understand the value they expected from increasing the budget, as well as other recommendations they felt, would support the client's business into the future.


After implementing this solution on May 15, form submit conversion rates began improving immediately.


This single change drove the site’s conversion rate from 1.16% in February to April, to 1.65% in June to August.

Though the summer is typically a lower conversion season for the client’s industry, our client’s site drove an increase in conversions, resulting in greater leads for the business. 

In total, this change drove 1,169 additional organic conversions on the site.



Improvement in CVR (From 1.16% to 1.65%)


Incremental Organic Conversions