Thanh Duong

Sr. Lead, Technical SEO

Thanh joined Seer Interactive after a decade of working at digital agencies within Publicis and Omnicom.

Although his specialty is Technical SEO, he's also worn many hats in SEO, Business Intelligence, and QA departments. He's been lucky to work on clients in real estate, SaaS, retail, insurance, banking, finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, health & beauty, non-profit, publishing media, and more. He believes in steward leadership and that his most important role is behind the scenes as a trusted guide. In this story, his role is to guide his team and clients to become the heroes of their own stories.

In his spare time, he loves writing broken code, learning about personal/professional/leadership development, economics, design, and SEO. Lastly, but most importantly, he's a husband to a lovely wife and father to the cutest daughters in the world.

Community Impact

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