Joe Meola

Sr. Manager, Digital Analysis, Strategy & Analytics
Coming from a healthcare and technology background, Joe has been working on improving companies’ “virtual front doors” and making sure content always meets expectations for 5+ years. Being certified in AdWords has helped bridge the gap between PPC and SEO and brought more insight to make decisions for clients and the team. Some of Joe’s pet projects at Seer involve complex analyses that leverage data from Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Google Ads to make more informed decisions for Seer’s clients. Joe also has a soft spot for Google Data Studio and is always looking for new ways to visualize data.

Outside of Seer, Joe enjoys rock climbing at the gym or outside and driving an unnecessary amount of time for new craft beers; he’s always open to recommendations on a new one to try! Spending time hiking or playing an excessive amount of board games keeps him busy, and if you ever want to learn a good card trick, feel free to ask!