The September Google Analytics Recap

Welcome to a new series, fresh from the Analytics team here at SEER Interactive! Each month, we’ll be recapping the updates from the Google Analytics blog, complete with short summaries of what was news and why it should matter to you. October is a great time to start, so here’s what the folks over at GA were buzzing about last month (with headlines straight from their blog!)

1. New Features In Google Analytics Content Experiments Platform

Google Analytics updated their already-powerful A/B testing engine by adding two new features: AdSense Revenue as an experiment objective, and an option to allow for even traffic distribution across all experiments.

Why it Matters

These are features that have been requested for some time, so these updates are huge for publishers, since more control over experiments means less time and money wasted on failed campaigns.

2. Supporting A Modern Browsing Experience

The official deprecation of compatibility of Google Analytics with Internet Explorer 8 was announced. The change will be in place by the end of 2013.Traffic from IE8 browsers will still be measured.

Why it Matters

Are you still using an older browser to view Google Analytics data? If so, you have a few months to start migrating to a more modern browser (or an updated version of IE) – waiting to the last minute to start adapting to a new browsing experience may be more trouble than it’s worth, so we suggest you update now!

3. Monitoring & Analyzing Error Pages (404s) Using Analytics

Several ways – and reasons - to use Google Analytics to monitor and take control of your 404 pages were discussed and suggested.

Why it Matters

It’s all about user experience, and if content is king, then using your resources to optimize a site that doesn’t deliver what visitors are seeking could cause you to fall behind. It’s true – 404 pages are often forgotten about, but can be inevitable due to last-minute site changes, old content, and more. GA provides a variety of tools to help you analyze your 404 pages, and can help you optimize these pages based on data, alerts, and even goals.

4. Learn From Googlers At These Upcoming Analytics Events

It’s conference season, and Google Analytics has announced their lineup of key events.

Why it Matters

Being a true Google Analytics pro means keeping up with all the latest headlines, updates, and news. That said, there’s nothing better than being part of the conferences where the biggest announcements of the year are made. If you can’t make it, recaps are posted, the tweets will fly non-stop, and videos are sure to follow – but you should definitely make it a point to at least hear what’s news at the Google Analytics summit, to see where the future of Analytics is headed.

5. Google Analytics earns ISO 27001 certification

Web security is important, and Google Analytics is now officially recognized as compliant with ISO 27001.

Why it Matters

You can be confident that Google Analytics (both the free and the premium versions) is safe, secure, and protecting you and your clients’ data with the highest standards possible. As an FYI, ISO 27001 is a standard that defines all of the “security controls required to protect information assets and give confidence to interested parties.”

6. 'Access, Empower, Act' - Save the date for the 2013 Google Analytics Summit [#GASummit]

Get ready for the #GASummit! Livestream sessions will be available.

Why it Matters

Google Analytics is constantly innovating, and as an analyst, you’re doing yourself (and your clients) a favor by keeping up with the big G. Learn how to get the data to the right people, get everyone onboard to analyze data, and act on data insights to move your company forward. Keep up with all #GASummit announcements by following #GASummit on Twitter, or take a look at Rachael Gerson’s “14 Big Announcements” blog post on the biggest news so far!

7. Introducing an all-new DFA: DoubleClick Campaign Manager

DoubleClick, Google’s remarketing subsidiary, completely rebuilt – and launched – a completely new campaign management platform.

Why it Matters

This is huge. Digital marketers can now save time, gain richer insights into audiences, and use Multi-Channel Funnels to understand your customer’s journey. Wildfire’s social technology platform integration will also let you see how social media campaigns are truly performing for you. Support for mobile , video, and other rich media formats is now available, giving you all of your data from your various marketing channels in one place.

8. How Certain Affinity used Google’s Mobile App Analytics to improve game design

Certain Affinity, an independent game developer, was seeking an analytics platform that would powerful enough to collect data for their mobile app. They turned to Google’s Mobile App Analytics and were able to make significant improvements for their user’s experiences.

Why it Matters

Case studies like this shed light on using Analytics for platforms you might never have known were trackable. You might even get some ideas of your own…get a little creative with your data!

9. Data at your fingertips: A new version of the Google Analytics App for Android

Updates to the Google Analytics mobile app promise to make your on-the-go data analyzing a more visually pleasing – and effective - experience. 

Why it Matters

Google is practicing what it preaches here, by configuring its GA mobile interface to give you the best small-screen experience. This blogger used to think the original GA mobile app was clunky, slow and hard-to-use, but the new card layout means that viewing only the relevant metrics – with the option to drill down deeper, if necessary – saves time and frustration. Will you be taking your data with you wherever you go? I think you should – after all, your customers don’t just view your site on desktop computers, so why should you limit yourself to where you can view their data?

With the Google Analytics summit happening right now, we can’t wait to recap for you next month!

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