Structuring marketing teams for success

It’s common for a Seer account team to be comprised of three kinds of roles:

Client Engagement (CE)
Project Management (PM)
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

While all partnerships will include SMEs interfacing with our clients, the addition of Client Engagement and Project Management to a partnership is typically dependent on factors such as the number of service lines, complexity of client organizational structure, or total contract value.

When in action together on these complex accounts, these three roles create a holistic support system for following through on the strategic initiatives our clients partner with us on.


Role Breakdown

Client Engagement, The What & Why

This team is composed of Account Directors and Account Supervisors.

The Client Engagement team leads the overall strategic direction of the account to ensure that the work Seer is doing is aligned with our clients’ business goals and objectives.

Solutions Owned by Client Engagement

  • WHAT work should we do to solve our client’s business challenges?
  • WHY should we do it?

Outside of the focus on strategic alignment of our work, Client Engagement Account Directors or Supervisors are a client’s go-to for providing any overarching partnership feedback.

At Seer, we strive to be better than yesterday and this team member is the perfect partner to make sure all feedback is heard and acted on, as necessary.

2023 Challenges Client Engagement Helped Solve

“Our company is planning to acquire another business. How have you seen other clients successfully integrate marketing initiatives under one umbrella?”

“We’ve just been hit with budget cuts. What strategies should we push forward to get the most value out of our marketing dollars?”


Hear from a Client Engagement Team Member


“The Client Engagement team translates marketing strategies to your C-Suite to get maximum buy-in on our initiatives together by focusing on tying performance back to the bottom line. Additionally, our role involves cultivating strategic partnerships with other agencies that serve your business or teams within your organization, facilitating the creation of integrated strategies that benefit all parties and contribute to overall growth” 

- Francis S.

Project Management, When & Who

Project Managers and the Client Engagement team partner together closely to lead a client partnership. While Client Engagement team members are accountable to the “What” and the “Why”, Project Management is responsible for the “When” and the “Who”. 

Solutions Owned by Project Management

  • WHEN should we do the work?
  • WHO should do the work?

The Project Manager gets into the weeds of the tactical aspect of client partnerships by building timelines, centralizing and prioritizing new requests, overseeing account resourcing, and ensuring work gets delivered on time. 

Outside of the tactical, Project Managers are also the owner of account processes and have the skill sets needed to suggest iterations on project workflows and support change management with the Seer and client teams.

2023 Challenges Project Management Helped Solve

“Our company is starting to use a new project management tool. How can we integrate our processes for better cross-functional collaboration?”

“We need to operate more efficiently. How do you recommend utilizing AI to streamline our work?”

Fun Fact: Over half of the Project Managers at Seer have experience integrating a Seer Account Team into our Client’s internal project management tool for increased workflow efficiency and collaboration.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), How & Where

Seer’s team is full of bright individuals who have specialized expertise in digital marketing strategies. While CE and PM lead the overall account direction and execution, SMEs are the ones who can answer specific questions on the work.

Solutions Owned by Subject Matter Experts

  • HOW should we do the work?
  • WHERE should we do the work (i.e. the channel mix)?

These team members execute on the work that we set out to do at the start of a contract and use their understanding of Seer’s offerings and capabilities to deliver work that provides value to our clients.

They leverage data in combination with industry insights and client context to provide strategic recommendations that help our clients reach their goals. 

These individuals at Seer Interactive sit across the following teams and disciplines:


2023 Challenges Subject Matter Experts Helped Solve

“We have a lot of disparate data and we don’t know how to integrate it at scale and pull out key findings.”

“We don’t want to be on the backend of the AI revolution. How do we start using it now to improve our marketing tactics? What tools are worth the hype?”

How do all the roles work together?

Let’s think about this like the key components of an orchestra: the conductor, the orchestra manager, and the musicians.


  • Conductor = Client Engagement Representative
  • Orchestra Manager = Project Manager
  • Musicians = Subject Matter Experts


The account director and project manager play the roles of the conductor and orchestra manager, respectively, guiding and coordinating the teams to drive our work forward.


The client engagement team, acting as the conductor, collaborates with the musicians (SMEs) to bring their individual talents together to create a unified performance. They  also maintain a strong relationship with our clients, gathering feedback and relaying it to the respective teams, when necessary.


On the other hand, the project manager, like the orchestra manager, coordinates the logistics, timelines, and resources needed for each team member to perform their role effectively. The project manager ensures that everyone is aware of their tasks, deadlines, and dependencies, similar to how an orchestra manager ensures that each musician has their sheet music, instruments, and rehearsal schedules in order.


Lastly, just as musicians in an orchestra play different instruments and have specific roles, the SMEs have different skill sets, such as analysts, designers, copywriters, developers, consultants, and so on.


Teamwork makes the dream work


In a perfect symphony, the Client Engagement team, Project Management team and SMEs use their expertise to fill critical roles and allow us to provide as much value to our clients and partners day in and day out.

We love helping marketers like you.

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Jamie Gomez
Jamie Gomez
Sr. Manager, Project Management