Tearing Up Your 2020 Plan – Part I: Opportunities to Change with the Times

This is a strategy from Tearing Up Your 2020 Plan:

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Your Opportunity to Change with the Times

Before we start killing marketing budgets, exhaust these opportunities:


Launching new things to serve new needs.


Offering more for free or extended payments or low cost versions or a prepayment discount.


Highlighting your product as a solution to a different newly relevant type of problem.


Changing your marketing; where you're doing your marketing, how you're doing your marketing, what you're trying to accomplish with it. The channel balance, all those kinds of things.

We better invest in these places before we just cut entirely. We don't know whether we could preserve demand, preserve jobs, grow our market share, be more competitive on the other side of this.

Key Takeaways

Up Next: Part II: How to Find Out What’s Changing, for Whom, and How

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