Tearing Up Your 2020 Plan – Part V: How is Your Customers’ Language Changing?

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Watch, Test, Build

Now, as we start having states coming online for those that sell locally, watch the data from those states and bid aggressively in those states.

Why? Because all those cheap clicks that Rand talked about, their intelligence for your larger state rollouts that are going to cost you more money.

I want you to be thinking, all right, if I'm in a state, it's opening up in X, Y or Z areas, let me try a lot of different things right now:

Shouldn't I test for five different messages now?

So by the time I finally go out of Georgia, who's opening certain things up to movie theaters, maybe someday opening up in New York City, don't you want to already have figured out how you need to talk to your customer and what resonates best?

Ex. Movie Theaters in Georgia

Theaters are open today in Georgia. I'm not a fan of the approach. But how would I be more effective for a client who was in that space right now?

Google Trends

I would look at Google Trends. I’d search for the word movie theater and I can see the trend over the last seven days.

google trends

I can see, there's an up tick here, it’s starting to move up. But what I really like is the rising searches.

So, you know, typically movie, what are the things you think of?

georgia shelter in place

"georgia shelter in place order" is not what I think of when I think of going to watch the Mandalorian...

It's really important to use tools like Google Trends at the today, seven days, one week, 90 days, etc. level because you'll start to understand these related queries, which might help you get in the minds of your searcher a bit more.

But really, as marketers, the more intel you can get on what they were searching before they show up, the more empathetic you can be to the concerns of the customer, which is just good business.

Because the first customer to show up in Georgia today at a movie theater -- I don't think things are going to be the same way they always were before.

Key Takeaways

  • Increasing your branded PPC budgets in a state that's just starting to come on board allows you to get all the different words around your brand that people are using to better understand what their concerns are.
  • If you're a site where people use a lot of site search, slice your data by city/region. See what it looks like, see how those folks are responding to things, or if you're able to survey people specifically in those early re-opening states -- it's only going to help you build a playbook for later.

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