AdWords Says Farewell to Bid-Per-Call

According to a recent email I received from Google, the bid-per-call feature will be deprecated, which had launched just barely over a year ago.

call metrics

With this removal, everything will revert back to the fixed $1 rate. While there's no timeline for this ("in the coming weeks/months"), it's interesting to see them move away from something that many people thought would be a game changer. They claim this change will help simplify their bidding options across different devices - yet another change by Google to "dumb" down AdWords (e.g., ad rotation settings, keyword targeting behavior, etc.).

If you're using this, Google recommends that you watch your average positions and adjust your bids if necessary. They don't expect this to have a huge impact, but they said the same about the (not provided) update, which ended up affecting more traffic than they had anticipated.

All I can say is to watch out - I never seen a huge lift in my client's positions when I used this, but if you did, I would definitely keep an eye on your performance over the next few weeks/months. How do you think this will impact your client's performance, if at all?

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Francis Shovlin
Francis Shovlin
Sr. Manager, Account Director