8 Charts All Marketers Should See about GenAI and Search Marketing

Marketers have more channels to worry about than ever before. New platforms like AI Search Engines and Chatbots are top of mind for many executives. But, how much attention should marketers heed to these channels? How do we contextualize new, exciting technologies with our overall efforts? We found these charts eye opening in their ability to do just that.

ChatGPT is the #1 Most Used Chatbot Globally

ChatGPT and AI Chat


As of December 2023, ChatGPT was the most used chatbot globally, with Bing close behind. Note that as of September 2023, Gemini (formerly Bard) begins to break away from the bottom of the pack. 

Who should see this chart: The person who doesn’t believe anyone is really using AI Chatbots

Bing reigns supreme in the US, for now

ChatGPT and AI Chat US


When we narrow our scope down to the US, we can see that Bing is far ahead of ChatGPT’s usage for now. Remember that Bing has been a household name in the US since 2009, so this isn’t overly surprising.

Who should see this chart: The person who doubts Bing matters for their audience

While Gemini's (formerly Bard) market share is relatively low, it’s rated the #2 best LLM

Bard Ratings


This is a surprising development but one backed by a reputable source. 

Who should see this chart: Anyone who thinks you can’t trust Gemini based on previous poor experience.

Traditional search engines still dominate market share

Search engine market share


It’s critical to monitor AI Search Engines and Chatbots, but for now, our emphasis should be placed on platforms where the vast majority of our audience is: Google and Youtube. Further, if you’re exploring new entry points, note that Tiktok may be worth a look as well.

Who should see this chart: The person who wants you to drop everything related to your SEO Program to focus on AI Search

Despite currently low market share, Generative AI is being adopted by consumers quickly

Time to reach 1 million users graph


Adopting new technologies is a part of our culture now, so it’s not surprising to see this trend increase at a rapid rate. That said, when a relatively unknown brand reaches 1 million users within days, everyone should take note.

Who should see this chart: The person who doesn’t get the hype about ChatGPT

Researchers consistently underestimate the speed of AI advancements

General AI system avaliable graph


An especially interesting facet of AI is that we have a history of being wrong about forecasting the speed of its advancements. While this trend could certainly reverse, if it continues we may need to accept the current speed of advancement as the new standard.

Who should see this chart: The person who thinks we’re way too early to worry about the impact of AI on society

ChatGPT has been seen as more trustworthy, useful, easier to use, and of higher quality information than Google (!)

User Experience Graph


This is one small study, but it mirrors the anecdotal evidence I have seen. These chatbots are entering the space during a pivotal period of dissatisfaction in Google’s core search product. 

Who should see this chart: The person who wonders if anyone really trusts ChatGPT

This platform quietly and consistently attracts ~2 million daily active users (!)

ChatGPT and Charater AI

Source has a way of popping up in the fringes of many datasets tracking the use of AI. As a marketer, it’s not obvious what role it could play in your audience’s journey, but the consistent usage speaks to its potential.

Who should see this chart: Anyone hoping to catch the next big thing in AI chatbots.

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