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Leave the best practices for your competitors.

No matter how big or small your Seer partnership is, you'll receive custom recommendations for the SERPs you seek.

Informed, strategic bets and the budget to act on them.

Seer's cloud-based data platform drives superior analysis and insights mining.

Combined with our team of deep SMEs, we're able to start your engagement with momentum.

But knowing what to do is only effective if you can get the buy-in and resources to execute.

We'll help you with that too.

“We could not achieve these results without the expertise provided by Seer. With their ongoing and thorough keyword research and implementation strategies, we are able to maximize the ROI on the amount of time invested to create this content. I am amazed at how quickly we are seeing increases in organic search traffic.”
VP of Digital Marketing

Enterprise SEO

Built for Teams with aggressive growth KPIs and a need to be a SEO market share leader in their space.


"In the trenches" support alongside your team to advise execute and on all elements of SEO.

  • Scale of a big agency
  • Custom and consultative approach of a boutique shop
  • From onsite to technical - focused on the growth of your business

Maintenance SEO

Built for Teams in need of maintaining SEO performance with minimal budget & resources.

A lighter touch SEO partnership leveraging our efficiencies of scale on a confined budget.

  • No more endless audits. Our proprietary technology pinpoints your highest yield tactical opportunities.
  • From onsite to technical - focused on highest priority SEO pillars for your website.
  • High confidence initiatives that will drive business impact.

SEO Content Roadmap

Built for Teams who need an attainable list of SEO opportunities, prioritized by business impact.

Roadmaps can be executed by your Seer team, in-house team, or even another agency. Your choice.

  • Get executive buy-in on your SEO program by defining winnable market share.
  • Prioritize better tactics, faster with Seer's technology cutting through massive amounts of data to surface deep insights.
  • Leverage your roadmap to chip away at overtaking more and more of your competitor's market share.


SEO Expansion Model

Built for Businesses who aim to be the SEO Market Share Leader in their space.

Your end-all, be-all enterprise SEO strategy solution.

  • Speak C-Suite with an outline of your total SEO market opportunity and what it will take to win it.
  • From onsite to technical - we'll focus on every pillar of SEO and highlight what’s necessary to win.
  • Data-informed strategies that help overcome organizational blockers holding you back.

Technical SEO

Built for teams of any size seeking a Technical SEO partner.

Protect your website investment with Seer’s Technical SEO services: custom catered to the needs of your business.

  • From migrations and consulting, to website monitoring and audits - we'll act as an extension of your team from day one
  • We aim to protect your website investment with our health monitoring services, focused on all areas of site health
  • Interested? Learn more about our Technical SEO Services today

How Seer makes believers.

Move fast and fix things.
Move fast and fix things.

We’ll create maximum impact within the first 90 days while building out an effective long-term SEO strategy tailored to your unique audience and business needs over time.

We follow the data, not
We follow the data, not "best practices".

By combining your search data alongside scaled insights from our internal data warehouse, we'll develop a breakthrough SEO strategy to meet your organic content goals.

Empathy mapping.
Empathy mapping.

Understanding your audience allows us to relate to their perspective. We layer that input onto quantitative data like screen recordings, review site scraping, etc. to solve for pain points.

Insights at scale.
Insights at scale.

We’ll deliver executive visualizations highlighting actionable insights from massive amounts of complex data - as in 150K competitors, 1MM pieces of content, and 200K keywords massive.

How can our solution-driven approach help your business grow?

Gain a new perspective on your data.

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