Tracy McDonald

Lead, Product Development
Product Development
Tracy McDonald has never met a puzzle she couldn’t solve and brings a similar curiosity and persistence to creating new ways to fuse and analyze marketing data. She comes to Seer from agencies where she provided full-stack digital marketing services across Search, Social, Email, Analytics, and Traditional Advertising channels. Tracy's skills include advanced math work, theatrical storytelling, small arms mastery, and refined data analysis practices.

Her time on Seer’s Data Strategy team deepened her drive to make big data approachable for everyone through innovative data engineering, dashboard design, and analytical processes that just make sense. She transitioned to the Innovation team in order to continue making big data functional for the masses where she now happily spends her days tinkering with cross-client datasets in BigQuery, building dashboards that celebrate both form and function, and troubleshooting bugs for fun to enable her teammates to tackle bigger and better challenges efficiently.

Beyond the computer screen, Tracy combines her time at the French Culinary Institute with her five years living in New Orleans to create culinary delights for anyone she can convince to give her a culinary challenge a lá Top Chef. She also has a penchant for venturing beyond the house and seeks out new opportunities for new Michelin star restaurants, strolls along the dog beaches in San Diego, and local trivia competitions.
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats