Sarah Weber

Sr. Associate, SEO

Sarah is passionate about driving value for her clients while empowering her team to learn and develop new skills at their own pace. She leans on her years of experience in the industry tackling everything from SEO to audience research, graphic design, and complex data analytics/business intelligence.

Starting at Seer as a digital marketing intern, she now proudly manages multiple accounts, supports her teammates, and leads the new hire training on Inclusivity, Equity, & Diversity for Remote Work. She also frequently spends time advocating for empathetic and ethical business practices, as well as sharing her struggles with mental health to offer encouragement and support to others with similar experiences.

Outside of work, Sarah has an eclectic mix of hobbies she enjoys! She loves to explore the great outdoors through hiking and camping, cooking new cuisines, training/walking/snuggling/playing with her rescue pups, listening to podcasts, watching horror movies, teaching herself to code, completing crosswords with her partner, grabbing a local brew, playing video games and just about everything else that brings her joy.