Claire Cargill

Sr. Associate, Product Management

Claire Cargill is a Product Manager Associate on the Innovation team at Seer Interactive. Her focus is on harnessing big data and feedback to create new tools and applications to better assist clients.

She is passionate about learning, and is always searching for ways to gain more knowledge. Her curiosity, attention to detail, and ability to brainstorm lend a major hand in turning ideas into ever-evolving products. Claire leans on her previous experience as a Product Management Analyst at a SaaS tech-healthcare startup, utilizing data and user research to further inform ideas pertaining to future features and products to release.

Outside of working hours, you can find her sipping lattes at local coffee shops, swimming & reading at various beaches on the East Coast, or tearing down a mountain to get to the Chocolate Waffle cabin at the bottom. She also dabbles in cooking, and usually takes cues from whatever's in her pantry to inspire her next meal.