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The Seer YouTube Video Marketing Guide

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From music videos to cooking tutorials to yoga and more, YouTube has a video and channel for nearly every interest. The platform offers an easily-accessible way for creators to connect with influencers, fans, and target audiences alike.

Brands and businesses are also getting in on the act now and setting aside budgets for YouTube video and ads, hoping to harness the power of YouTube and capture its vast viewing audience. And with predictions indicating that watching videos online will account for 72% of all internet use by 2019, budget for mobile video ads is expected to increase by 70% as a direct result.

Learn How to Do YouTube Marketing

We’re cracking open the Seer toolbox and sharing some insights on how to optimize, promote, and analyze YouTube content with your business in mind.

  1. YouTube SEO: How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Search

    You’ve already created your content, but in order for it to be found, it has to be optimized. Learn more about YouTube SEO best practices. Find out how to rank on the platform and get in front of your target audience.
  2. YouTube Advertising: How to Run YouTube Ad Campaigns

    Audiences are more engaged than ever and turning to video content to get the answers they’re looking for. Learn how to use YouTube advertising to promote your ads and reach your target audience.
  3. YouTube Analytics: How to Track YouTube Video Success

    One of the best parts about YouTube ads is just how much they can teach you about your audience and how they react to your content. Learn how to configure tracking and analyze the performance of your YouTube videos. Discover how you can gain valuable insights about your audience.