Guide to Client Service: Volume I, Consulting

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Great client-agency partnerships don’t just happen. Yes, business can be won from wow-ing a client, or from word of mouth. But now that you’ve got the business it’s yours to keep (or lose – yikes!).

Where you sit in meetings, how you prep for a call, understanding the client’s business and industry more broadly—these are all contributing factors to building deep, meaningful client relationships. These things take time, and if done well (and consistently) you’ll be well on your way to helping your clients (and your team/business) succeed.

What ever matters to your client, should also matter to you. What’s their stock looking like? Do you know what their goal is for the big meeting you’re about to present? Are you connecting every recommendation and idea back to their goals?

This volume of our Guide to Client Engagement has micro-lessons in thinking like a client to help you be a better partner. All of the tips you’ll read in this Guide to Client Service are lessons we’ve learned and shared internally with the entire Seer team. We’re sharing this publicly as a culmination of the years of experience from Dana Weber, Seer’s Director of Client Engagement, and her entire team.

Seer Client Engagement Team