Google Ads Scripts 101Chapter eight

Troubleshooting Google Ads Scripts

We have all been there; you implement a script, preview it just to make sure everything is working properly then you hit that “ERROR” in the middle of your preview process. Naturally, this means the script will not work and you need a solution. But where do you turn? Below we will cover a few common errors that we at Seer have come across during the implementation process and how to fix them.

  1. Specify the date range. If the date range is input incorrectly, the script will stop running.
  2. Specify the campaign. Ensure you are pulling the correct data into your report
  3. Using destination URL instead of final URL. Older versions of scripts that call for destination URLs are no longer supported; change all instances to final URL
  4. Missing semicolons. These are sometimes mistaken with periods; ensure all semicolons are noted to allow the script to know where the expression ends.
  5. The code is case sensitive. You may receive an error notification that you are attempting to use an undeclared variable.