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Hey there everyone. I'm Forrest Schaffer, PPC Account Manager here at Seer Interactive and I'm back for another Wasteful Wednesday.

So for this week's Wasteful Wednesday tip I wanted to share is a keyword that was actually flagged in one of my accounts through our proprietary tool, Saving Ben.

This keyword is pretty interesting because it falls under one of the categories that Wil has actually covered in a previous Wasteful Wednesday video. However, it has a pretty interesting, intense skew to it that changes, (obviously when people use it) as a modifier on their search.

The keyword that I want to cover today is "management".

So we can jump into it right now, back at my computer.

Keyword of the Week: "Management"

Example Walkthrough: Assisted Living Management

Query: "assisted living management companies"

All right. So in our first example, I Googled "assisted living management companies".

This is the main example that was flagged to me...

As you can see, looking for management companies, and even if you type in assisted living management, you could argue that the intent would be for a management position.

So we see all sorts of modifiers attached to management, like executive management, leadership management, things like that. All of the ad copy and folks who are currently targeting this keyword, whether it's through broad match, however they see fit while the ad copy, of course talks to just assisted living services or senior living services.

So this is not something that any of these companies want to be bidding on because if my intent was to find a management company, perhaps for my assisted living facilities, this is not what I would want if I was searching for it.

Example Walkthrough: Property Management

Query: "property management jobs pittsfield ma"

Here's a super quick example of somebody actually searching for property management jobs and just throw in any city for specificity.

Berkshire vacation rentals...

...they want to offer me management, but I'm not looking for management of my locations. I'm looking for a management job, more specifically property management job.

Example Walkthrough: Gym Management

Query: "gymshark management"

Another example for gym management.

I know that this could definitely be kind of a double-edged sword here where, if you're looking for gym management, maybe it's like franchise software where you're looking for, or you're actually looking to work in a gym.

For these brands that are bidding on "gymshark management", which is a very large brand that started in EU, these folks are definitely not hitting the mark.

As you can see, if I'm looking for "gymshark management", I'd probably be looking to either work at gymshark or understand who's on their management leadership team -- the CEO, etc.

But these two companies are focused on fitness management of an actual location.

So that's something that they would want to go ahead and ultimately negate.

Example Walkthrough: Disney World Management

Query: "Disney World management"

An example to actually show how this would work out in the wild, "Disney World management".

I thought that this would be a good example to try to ultimately test to see how they were doing it.

As you can see, they are totally killing it, "professional development" -- this is exactly the type of ad you'd want to see that aligns with the intent behind my search.

So tipping my hat to Disney World.

Hope you found some value, and you'll go ahead and negate the keyword "management".

If you definitely don't need to be using it within the account, as you could see from some of our examples, especially for a senior and assisted living verticals, you're going to want to go ahead and negate that.

The intent that a user uses can skew pretty heavily towards job management, which is not something that we're looking to do.

Leverage your SEO data by identifying what is ranking on the SERP to align user intent with your ad copy and landing pages.

Now on the other hand, in our example, where if you're okay with that, you just want to have a dedicated landing page and ad copy to align with that management keyword.

Just like we saw Disney doing.

Tune in in the coming weeks and we'll cover some more keywords. Thanks so much!

Key Takeaways

  • Negate terms like “management”, "mgmt", etc. if you aren't offering management services or positions.
  • Leverage our Saving Benjamin™ Lite tool to find more negative keywords in your PPC accounts.
  • Keep watching Wasteful Wednesday episodes here!

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