What Can Social Media Certifications Do For You? Part 1

Besides my tendency to make geeky references, I’m very well known in my division to collect social media certifications like Pokemon gym badges. In the 16 months I’ve been at Seer, I have amassed 10 certifications / badges across the main social media platforms. 

One day, my husband asked me why I keep devoting so much time on these courses and exams, especially since I work on these platforms. My automatic answer was, “why not?” but then I really started noodle on what was the benefit of all these certifications?

Why Should I Get a Social Media Certification or Badge?

It Can Make You Stand Out

The job market has been more competitive than it has in years. With all the layoffs going on, there are more people to compete for the same paid social media marketing jobs. A lot of people can say they work in social but having official certifications shows that you have objective proof that you know how to market on these platforms.

This can be beneficial to seasoned industry professionals and fresh graduates entering the workforce. 

[TIP] Add a list of your certifications to your resume and link the certificates (if you export it as an interactive pdf.) Don’t forget to include them on your LinkedIn profile

It Can Fill Knowledge Gaps or Refresh Skills

If you work in social media marketing, you may find that you spend more time (and budget) on some platforms than others. As a result, whenever you get tasked with building a campaign on a new platform (or platform you haven’t used in a while), it can be a bit of a learning curve. 

This is where a certification helps.

The different social media platforms certifications also include coursework that highlights important details about the platform. This includes how to use their ads manager (campaign manager for LinkedIn), pixel and SDK information, and industry statistics that are beneficial for reporting and pitches. 

Not only that, these courses also highlight any updates made on the platform.

In March 2023, I started transitioning to work after my parental leave (by the way my son is an adorable behemoth of a baby). While I was looking for some refresher courses, I found out about the launch of Meta’s  Shopping Advantage+ ads. This information was highlighted in the Discovery Commerce Specialist certification. 

The Meta Certifications 

I recommend getting your Meta certifications first. If you’re working for an ad agency or a large company with a robust social media marketing budget, you may even get a voucher to take these certifications for free.  

Out of all the platforms, Meta has the highest amount of certifications available. This includes certifications for marketing associates, community managers, media buying and more. 


Source: Meta Blue Print

These certifications have mandatory courses that must be taken first and truthfully, the Meta certifications have been the most difficult. It’s a lot of information given at once and it reads like a traditional textbook, except with animations. Each ‘chapter’ utilizes key takeaways and knowledge check quizzes. Meta also provides practice tests that users can take an unlimited amount of times. 

[TIP] Make online flashcards to help you retain this information.

Exam Day

Many of my colleagues didn’t have such great experiences with the actual exam. You must register in advance and you can take it with a virtual proctor or at any approved testing site in the United States and you only have 105 minutes to take the exam. It’s starting to sound like the SAT’s. During the test day you are not allowed to have anything on your desk/table and your hands must be in view at all times. Participants are not allowed to have anything on their desks.

I took my media buying exam while visiting my in-laws. My nephew was screaming in the other room. The proctor pinged me and told me to stop talking or my exam will be voided. I heard similar things from colleagues. One said that they were reading the questions silently but their mouths were moving and the proctor gave the same warning.

[TIP] Make online flashcards to help you retain this information.

Meta certifications expire after one year, but I recommend you recertify before the expiration date. In your email

Six months before my media buying certification was going to expire, I received an email that it was time to renew and Meta gave me two options. I could either retake the exam (shudders) or I can take a two hour online course and a 20 question test without a proctor. Guess which one I took. 

Final Thoughts

This blog turned out even longer than I was planning but for the sake of my fingers and you (the reader),  I’m going to divide this series into multiple parts. Next time, I’ll highlight my experiences on Snapchat, TikTok and Reddit. While you wait, check out these articles on what type of ads are available for TikTok, Snapchat and Reddit! Interested in working with a team that has accumulated hundreds of digital marketing-related certifications? Let's chat! 


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Nicole Velasco
Nicole Velasco
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