Smart Linkbuilding Queries For Any Industry

Regardless of your industry, combining smart queries with your big keywords can present a mountain of linking opportunities.


By putting "the following companies" and your main keyword, scooter for example, you're able to find sites that are talking about companies that manufacture scooters, companies that rent scooters, reviews of companies that sell scooters. If you have anything to do with scooters, it's probably a search you want to check out.


This isn't keyword specific, but you can find places to donate, get a link, and the donation is probably tax deductible. You can also replace "my sponsors" with our sponsors, event sponsors, etc.


You can do this in Google blog search or just type the word blog along with "my wishlist" to see some results related to your industry. We sent this type of opp to a client recently and they fulfilled a bloggers wish with a $30 item no strings attached or pitch. Just that they hoped she enjoyed her item and they were happy to make wishes come true. She wrote an extremely nice post about the company and it reached a niche that had never heard of them.

Funny enough, this same company so kindly answered a question in our linking survey that their website was built using Ruby, Velveeta and Childrens Tears.


This can be a very informative linkbuilding search or it can be shady.

Informative Version:

It looks like Vectrix Scooter is down or defunct. That presents a few options. You can either look to buy the site if you're in that industry OR you can contact sites linking to Vectrix Scooter, let them know that their link is dead/broken/company is dead, but present them with your site as an alternative. A simple email might work, a discount might need to be included to get the link, but it's a nice tidy way to pick up the links of a site that is down for the count.

The Shady Version:

It looks like posted on a forum that their website was down because of Hurricane Wilma. If they have some valuable links in their backlink profile, this very moment would be the best time to contact some of them letting them know the link sends them to a dead page and you can present them with your bigger & better scooter alternative. This can work the same for twitter & helps you find more real time examples.

Is it ethical or right? Probably not, just being thorough on how to make the most of this search.


If you have pictures or the ability to take them, this query could yield some easy links. Pictures can be switched with videos, samples for, estimates, ideas, etc. So long as you're putting a keyword in there you can stay industry specific. Even outside your industry you could include a city or state to look for restaurants or very local places that are in need. Could be another way to get a local link.


Pretty simple. You can use this search or combine it with a keyword to target sites in your industry looking to receive some help from sponsors.


While profile linking across hundreds of sites can be spammy, finding business profiles that are related to your business, getting the profile link, and participating on those site could be huge. Even if some of the profile links are nofollow or buried from getting much link juice, it's a link and you're reaching a crowd that might otherwise not know your business.


Is your site worthy of being put on a resources page? Do you have specific data on scooter use, reviews, interviews with top industry peeps, etc? This should provide you with a handful of resource pages that are keyword focused.

Add your favorites if you have any. Of course, you can always use other linkbuilding query tools, but see if these can work for your business too.

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Adam Melson
Adam Melson
Assoc. Director, Business Strategy