Build Facebook Ads with Confidence Using the Revamped Creative Hub

At Seer, we are here for a good interface “facelift,” and it looks like Facebook’s Creative Hub is the latest and greatest with a new look and all-new features. Present mockups of ads quicker, easier, and more efficiently with all the latest updates.

Facebook implores you to “create ads with confidence using its fully-updated Creative Hub.”

In this new hub, you’re able to:

Experience a better integration with Ads Manager

Hate having to build mockups for approval then rebuild them as ads? We do, too. This latest update to the Facebook creative hub will eliminate the second ad creation by allowing you to import mockups from the creative hub. According to Facebook, “it’s easier than ever to use mockups in your campaigns - find them directly within the ad level,” and we can’t help but agree with that.

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See all placements in one view

We love this update because, with just a glance, you can see all your mockups side by side, which enables you to find areas to improve that much more quickly.

You can also customize the ad in each of the placements (image, ad copy, etc) so that the ad is channel-friendly for each of the placements!

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Switch back to the old Creative Hub at any time

Something to keep in mind is that any mockups you create in the new Creative Hub will not be accessible in the old Creative Hub, and the opposite. You’re able to easily switch back to the previous version if you’d like!

Switch to Old Version

Already tried out the new Creative Hub? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Interested in working with Seer on Paid Social? Reach out here.


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